Centre of Research Excellence in Medicines and Ageing

The Centre of Research Excellence (CRE) in Medicines and Ageing is a multi-disciplinary collaboration between enthusiastic, highly dedicated and internationally recognised researchers from the University of Sydney, Australian National University, the Sax Institute, University of Western Australia, University of NSW, University of Technology Sydney, and the Institute for Clinical and Evaluative Sciences in Canada.

The CRE in Medicine and Ageing will generate vital information about the role that medicines play over Australians’ lifetimes. Using large linked databases of routinely collected medicines and other health information, the CRE will produce much-needed, quantitative evidence on the real-world use, harms, costs and cost-effectiveness of specific medicines. Little of this much-needed research has been conducted to date. Yet the evidence is critical to understanding the balance of benefits and harms of medicines used across the adult lifespan.

The CRE investigators will work closely with agencies to influence national pharmaceutical policy decisions and health professionals making important treatment decisions with their patients. The benefits will be far ranging, on a national scale.

The CRE will also build a national workforce in pharmacoepidemiology by training new researchers in the use and evaluation of medicines data and by developing gold-standard research methods and protocols. This is key to the continuity and success of the work.

The CRE in Medicines and Ageing will be a successful model of research collaboration in healthcare, and one that will directly benefit the Australian population.

Centre for Research Excellence in Health Services Research Chief Investigators

Chief Investigators (CIs)


CIA Professor Andrew McLachlan, Program Director

University of Sydney

CIB Professor Sallie Pearson, Scientific Director

Centre for Big Data Research in Health, University of New South Wales

CIC Professor Emily Banks

Australian National University/The Sax Institute

CID Professor David Preen

University of Western Australia

CIE Professor David Le Couteur

University of Sydney

CIF Dr Timothy Dobbins

University of Sydney

CIG Professor Chris Etherton-Beer

University of Western Australia

CIH Professor Nick Buckley

University of Sydney

CII Professor Rosalie Viney

University of Technology, Sydney

CIJ Professor David Henry

Institute for Clinical and Evaluative Sciences, Toronto, Canada


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