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Dr Tamara L. Church

Dr Tamara L. Church

Post-doctoral Fellow



Previous studies

B.Sc. Univ. of Ottawa (Canada), Ph.D. Cornell Univ. (USA)

Research areas

Just returned to chemistry after a sojourn in chemical engineering.

Recent Publications

  1. M. F. Variava, T. L. Church , A. I. Minett and A. T. Harris. Ni nanoparticle/multiwalled carbon nanotube composites as catalysts for CO methanation for production of synthetic natural gas; Submitted for publication.
  2. M. M. Rahman, T. L. Church , A. I. Minett, A. T. Harris. Effect of ceria on the alumina supports of Pt catalysts for the aqueous-phase reforming of glycerol; Submitted for publication.
  3. R. N. Widyaningrum, T. L. Church , A. T. Harris, Promoting effect of Pd on H2 production from cellulose pyrolysis over mesocellular-foam-supported Ni catalysts; Catal. Commun. Accepted for publication.
  4. P. Miralles, E. Johnson, T. L. Church , A. T. Harris, Multiwalled carbon nanotubes in alfalfa and wheat: toxicology and uptake; J. R. Soc. Interface , 2012, 9 , 3514-3527.
  5. M. F. Variava, T. L. Church , A. T. Harris, FexOy-MWNT Fenton’s catalysts that show enhanced activity at neutral pH ; Appl. Catal. B , 2012, 123-124 , 200-207 .
  6. R. N. Widyaningrum, T. L. Church , A. T. Harris, A novel CaO-SiO2 sorbent and bifunctional Ni/Co-CaO/SiO2 complex for selective hydrogen synthesis from biomass; Environ. Sci. Technol , 2012, 46 , 2976-2983.
  7. T. L. Church , S. Fallani, M. Zhao, J. Liu, and A. T. Harris, Novel biomorphic Ni/SiC catalysts with enhanced activity for cellulose conversion to hydrogen; Catal. Today , 2012, 190 , 98-106.
  8. W. Liang, T. L. Church , A.T. Harris, Biogenic synthesis of photocatalytically active Ag/TiO2 and Au/TiO2 composites; Green Chem. , 2012, 14 , 968–975.
  9. J. J. Verendel, T. L. Church , P. G. Andersson, Catalytic one-pot production of small organics from polysaccharides; Synthesis , 2011, 1649-1677.
  10. T. L. Church , T. Rasmussen, P. G. Andersson, Stereoselectivity in the Iridium-Catalyzed Asymmetric Hydrogenation of Olefins; Organometallics , 2010, 29 , 6769–6781.
  11. P. Tolstoy, M. Engman, A. Paptchikhine, J. Bergquist, T. L. Church , A. W.-M. Leung and P. G. Andersson, Iridium-Catalyzed Asymmetric Hydrogenation Yielding Chiral Diarylmethines with Weakly Coordinating or Noncoordinating Substituents ; J. Am. Chem. Soc. , 2009 , 131 , 8855–8860.
  12. P. Cheruku, A. Paptchikhine , T. L. Church , P. G. Andersson , Iridium-N,P-Ligand-Catalyzed Enantioselective Hydrogenation of Diphenylvinylphosphine Oxides and Vinylphosphonates; J. Am. Chem. Soc. , 2009 , 131 , 8285–8289.
  13. C. M. Byrne, T. L. Church , J. W. Kramer, G. W. Coates, Catalytic Synthesis of ί3-Amino Acid Derivatives from a-Amino Acids ; Angew. Chem., Int. Ed. , 2008, 47 , 3979–3983.
  14. T. L. Church , C. M. Byrne, E. B. Lobkovsky, G. W. Coates, A New Multi-Component Reaction Catalyzed by a [Lewis Acid]+[Co(CO)4]- Catalyst: Synthesis of 1,3-Oxazinane-2,4-diones from Epoxides, Isocyanates, and CO ; J. Am. Chem. Soc. , 2007 , 129 , 8156–8162.
  15. T. L. Church , Y. D. Y. L. Getzler, G. W. Coates, The Mechanism of Epoxide Carbonylation by [Lewis Acid]+[Co(CO)4]- Catalysts ; J. Am. Chem. Soc. , 2006, 128 , 10125–10133 .
  16. S. L. Scott, T. L. Church , D. H. Nguyen, E. A. Mader, J. Moran, An investigation of catalyst/co-catalyst/support interactions in silica-supported olefin polymerization catalysts based on Cp*TiMe3; Top. Catal. , 2005 , 34 , 109–120.
  17. C. Roveda, T. L. Church , H. Alper, S. L. Scott, Modification of Silica Surfaces by Metallasiloxanes Containing Mo and Ti: Evidence for Concurrent Metal and Ligand Chemisorption; Chem. Mater. , 2000, 12 , 857–862.

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