SUSI People

The construction and commissioning of SUSI have been funded jointly by the Australian Research Council (ARC) and the University of Sydney, with additional support from the Pollock Memorial Fund and the Science Foundation for Physics within the University of Sydney.

From January 2008, principal responsibilty for SUSI will rest with the director Dr Gordon Robertson and the leadership team of Dr. Peter Tuthill, Dr. Michael Ireland and through a collaboration with the CHARA interferometer, Dr. Theo ten Brummelaar. Historically, responsibility has rested with Prof. John Davis and Dr Bill Tango, who are still active members of the SUSI group. The program grew out of the interferometry program begun in Sydney by Professor Robert Hanbury Brown.

Academic and research staff

Dr Roy Allen
Dr Andrew Booth
Em. Prof. John Davis
Dr Michael Ireland
Dr Robert Minard
Dr John O'Byrne
Dr Gordon Robertson
Dr Bodie Seneta
Dr Bob Shobbrook
Dr Bill Tango
Dr Peter Tuthill

Long-term visitors

Prof. Wang Zheng-Min

Techhnical staff

Hank Bennis
Jong Chow
Jim Hayes
Robert Lucas
Steve Owens
John Pasiut
Michael Paterson
Jim Sullivan

Administrative staff

Barabra Dunn
Sioe-Gek Chew

Postgraduate students

Yves Gilliand
John Giovannis
Michael Hrynevych
Michael Ireland
Andrew Jacob
Andreas Kelz
Peter Lawson
Robert Lucas
Anna Moore
Julian North
John O'Byrne
Stephen Owens
Bodie Seneta
Theo ten Brummelaar
Richard Thompson
Eric Thorvaldson