Sydney Institute for Astronomy

The Sydney Institute for Astronomy (SIfA) is a national and international leader in Astronomy and Physics, through cutting edge theoretical and observational research. The CAASTRO Centre of Excellence is housed within the School of Physics and engages about half of the students and staff within SIfA.

The University owns the Molonglo Observatory Synthesis Telescope (MOST), the Square Kilometre Pathfinder (SKAMP), and the Sydney University Stellar Interferometer (SUSU). The development and application of new technology for the next generation of instruments and telescopes is enabled through state-of-the-art laboratory facilities (SAIL labs). SIfA has leadership or key involvement in several major surveys including the Kepler K2 survey, Galactic Archaeology (GALAH) survey of a million nearby stars, the SAMI Galaxy Survey, the OzDES galaxy survey, the FLASH survey of radio galaxies, and the UTMOST survey of fast radio bursts.

Local and national supercomputing resources supporting simulations of cosmology, galaxy formation and evolution. SIfA is a leader in big data science. As well as being a research leader, SIfA is committed to excellence in postgraduate training and research-led undergraduate training.

Through its leading role in the Physics Equity and Access Committee (PEAC), SIfA aims to provide an environment that is equitable and supportive for all staff and students, free of conscious and unconscious bias, with access to facilities, learning and work open to all.

SIfA has moved!
We are now back in the Physics Building on the main campus of the University.

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