SIfA Seminars

Seminars are held weekly typically on Fridays at 11am-12pm in LT5 at the School of Physics building (A28). If you wish to give a talk or presentation please email Jesse van de Sande, Apsem Jibrail, or Shourya Khanna

Unfortunately, we do not have general funds available to cover travel or accommodation costs. If you would like to give a talk or are scheduled at a time that you will be away please let us know ASAP. If you have students or visitors that are going to have interesting topics to talk about please dob them in. Let us know if you will be giving a long (~45min) or short (~20min) talk, so we can have either 2 short talks or 1 long talk each week.

Listed below are this years seminars.

Abstracts are located here.

2017 Seminars

Date Time Speaker Title

June 23


Stuart Ryder

International telescope access in 2018: More than just ESO

June 22


Liam David

Honours Talk

June 16



Sven Buder from (MPIA)

Yuan Sen Ting from (ANU)

The Galah survey - how to provide stellar properties from 1 million stellar spectra for chemical tagging

Unravelling the history of the Milky Way through chemical tagging

June 9






Senior Special Project Talks

Isaac Tesfaye

Aleksa Sarai

Charlotte Avery

Umang Malik


Analysis of mixed modes in solar-like oscillators

Automated Halo Photometry with Kepler/K2

Linking Kinematic and Morphological Features in Galaxies Across the Hubble Tuning Fork with CALIFA

Modelling Metallicity Gradients in Galaxies

June 2


Vanessa Moss

Galactic ecosystems: Tracing neutral hydrogen and its evolution across the Universe

May 26


David Rupke

Do Supermassive Black Holes Help to Regulate Galaxy Evolution and Black Hole Growth?

May 19


David Kaplan (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

Learning from the Shklovskii Effect: Understanding “Fast” Millisecond Pulsar Binaries

May 16


Farhad Yusef-Zadeh (Department of Physics and Astronomy, Northwestern University)

Star Formation near the Supermassive Black Hole Sgr A*

May 12


Yuval Birnboim (Racah Institute of Physics The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Cold flows in haloes and filaments; when they occur, and how they interact with haloes and galaxies

May 11


Pascal Elahi (ICRAR, UWA)

SURFS: Synthetic UniveRses For Surveys

May 4



Honours Talk: Kathryn ROSS

Honours Talk: Jing LI

Supervisor Peter Tuthill

Supervisor Julia Bryant

April 28


Jack Singal (University of Richmond, USA)

The Cosmic Radio Background: Six(ty) Years of an Enigma

April 21


Cath Trott (Curtin University)

Exploring the Epoch of Reionisation with current and future low-frequency radio telescopes

April 13


Johannes Buchner (MPE)

The growth of supermassive black holes over cosmic time

April 7


Christene Lynch (Usyd)

Characterising stellar and planetary magnetic fields via low-frequency radio astronomy

April 1


Leonardo Vanzi (The Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile)

Zen and the art of building astronomical instruments... (in Chile!)

March 24


Alpha Mastrano (USyd)

Constraining internal neutron star magnetic field strengths and configuration

March 17


Steven Janowiecki (ICRAR-UWA)

Gas and star formation in galaxies: the role of environment and (almost) dark galaxies

March 10


Hans-Walter Rix * (Max-Planck-Institute for Astronomy)

How the Milky Way Shaped Its Disk

March 3


Geoff Vasil (Usyd)

Introducing Dedalus: An efficient, accurate, and flexible toolkit for computational astrophysics.

Feb 24


Lars Hernquist * , (Harvard University, CfA)

Next Generation Cosmological Simulations: Galaxy Assembly and Evolution

Feb 3


Gary Hill (The University of Texas at Austin)

HETDEX: the Hobby-Eberly Telescope, VIRUS, and the evolution of dark energy

Jan 27


Kinwah Wu (Mullard Space Science Laboratory, UCL)

Dynamics of a fast spinning neutron star around a massive black hole

Jan 20


Evangelia Tremou (Michigan State University)

Constraints on Intermediate Mass Black Holes through an extensive sample of Globular Clusters in Milky Way

* Funded through the Dick Hunstead Gift.