SIfA Seminars

Seminars are held weekly typically on Fridays at 11am-12pm in LT5 at the School of Physics building (A28). If you wish to give a talk or presentation please email Jesse van de Sande, Apsem Jibrail, or Shourya Khanna

Unfortunately, we do not have general funds available to cover travel or accommodation costs. If you would like to give a talk or are scheduled at a time that you will be away please let us know ASAP. If you have students or visitors that are going to have interesting topics to talk about please dob them in. Let us know if you will be giving a long (~45min) or short (~20min) talk, so we can have either 2 short talks or 1 long talk each week.

Listed below are this years seminars.

Abstracts are located here.

2018 Seminars

Date___ Time___ Speaker___ Title___

August 24

11 am

Fiona Panther (ANU)

Aug 17

11 am

Guillermo Blanc (Carnegie)

July 27

11 am

Hugo and Quentin (Visiting PhD students France).

June 22

11 am

Leo Alcorn (Texas A&M)

Galaxy kinematics and metallicities at z~2

June 15

11 am

Stuart Ryder (AAO)

Binary companions to stripped-envelope supernovae

June 8

11 am LT2

Physics Student Talks

June 1

11 am

Elle Miller (Second-year TSP student)

Young and Powerful Radio Galaxies in the distant Universe

May 29

3 pm

Alfred Tiley (Durham University)

Galaxy Kinematics from Integral Field Spectroscopy of ~1000 z~0.6-2 Star-forming Galaxies

May 25

11 am

Rhea-Silvia Rhemus (University Observatory in Munich)

Dynamical and kinematical properties of (mostly) early-type galaxies from the Magneticum simulations

May 18

11 am

Joe Callingham (ASTRON)

Absorption processes in radio astronomy: Facilitating a unique discovery space

May 11

11 am

Chris Gordon (University of Canterbury)

Is the Galactic Bulge Shining in Gamma Rays?

May 4

11 am

Sarah Leslie (MPIA)

Evolution of star formation and dust properties of galaxies over cosmic time

May 1

3 pm

David Parkinson (Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute)

Cosmology with large-area radio continuum surveys

April 27

11 am

A/Prof. Francois Rigaut (ANU) & Dr Richard McDermid (Macquarie)

MAVIS: A new MCAO-Assisted Visible Imager and Spectrograph for the Very Large Telescope

April 20

11 am


GALAH Data Release Highlights

April 13

11 am

Andy Casey

The lithium-rich giant star puzzle

April 6

11 am

Michael Hudson (University of Waterloo)

Galaxies and Dark Matter Seen Through a Gravitational Lens

Mar 28

3 pm

Tom Landecker (Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory)

Revealing the Galactic Magnetic Field with Radio Polarization

Mar 23

11 am

Keith Banister (CSIRO)

Fast Radio Bursts and plasma lenses around hot stars

Mar 16

11 am

Elizabeth Stanway (University of Warwick)

Understanding Intense Star Formation through Observations and Modelling

Mar 9

11 am

Christopher Usher (Liverpool John Moores University)

Using Globular Cluster Stellar Populations to Understand Galaxy Formation

Mar 2

11 am

Roland Bacon and Johan Richard, Centre de Recherche Astrophysique de Lyon (France)

Science prospects with MUSE at the VLT

Feb 23

11 am

Connor Bottrell (University of Victoria)

Observational Properties of Simulated Galaxies: Computational Cosmology as Seen through a Telescope

Feb 16

11 am

Caroline Foster (USyd)

The true shape of galaxies

Feb 15

3pm am

Nanjing students

Feb 9

11 am

Jielai Zhang (University of Toronto)

Exploring the low surface brightness Universe with the Dragonfly Telephoto Array

* Funded through the Dick Hunstead Gift.