Central support

Interpreting, communicating and implementing the integrated strategy will involve the whole University community. Some progress will be based on refinement and expansion of broad existing efforts, while achievement of other strategic objectives will depend on successful innovation. The changing circumstances of the higher education sector in 2012 and beyond will require the University of Sydney to innovate, to get ahead and to distinguish itself from other domestic and international higher education experiences.

The success of this strategy will depend on the University leadership adopting and recounting a clear narrative that is focused both on the business and the moral purpose of the strategy, why we are ‘worrying for’ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders’ education, research and engagement. It needs to clearly spell out the vision, tools, dilemmas, risks and opportunities. Refined narrative is a critical element of leadership – one that is vital to embedding a strong message about the University and its identity.

The office of the DVC-ISS will support the faculties and PSUs to tailor the narrative used at a whole-of-university level to the business and circumstances of each area. The critical element of this work will involve ensuring the heads of faculties, schools and PSUs understand how the strategy and its implementation relate to their roles. These two elements will form the basis of a strong discourse-centred approach to implementation.

Demonstrating effort and outcomes will be key to maintaining the trust and engagement of the University community, potential funders inside and outside of government, and in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. it will also be critical to our own efforts to establish accountability to each other for our respective contributions to the ‘academic and financial health of the institution’ and for the contribution we each make to the realisation of our responsibilities to Australian society.

The DVC-ISS will coordinate in consultation with faculties, PSUs and the strategic information and business intelligence program the development of an integrated strategy Monitoring report that reports the performance of faculties, PSUs and the University as a whole. individual senior managers will be able to compare their performance with their colleagues and discuss the implications of achievements against the strategy’s targets and commitments.

The DVC-ISS will present the strategy Monitoring report to seg quarterly. Progress on the strategy will also be reported on the University website, to alumni and to other key stakeholders including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and broader civil society.

Good communication will reinforce and support improved marketing.