Student Complaints

You can use the complaints process to report issues of concern (such as the behaviour of others) or to complain about treatment or decision making by the University. A complaint could be about your studies, student life, the University environment or the behaviour of a student or staff member.

Sexual harassment and assault

If your complaint regards an issue of sexual harassment or assault, you can request a call back from our Student Affairs unit. We can discuss your particular circumstances with you, in confidence, and help decide how you want to proceed. Alternatively, you can:

Email us at
Call us on +61 2 8627 8466

Academic and other non-academic matters

If your complaint regards a problem or concern about academic or non-academic matters that requires University staff to work with you towards a resolution you should read What is a complaint.

If you are unable to resolve your issue through informal resolution, you feel uncomfortable with this step or you consider it inappropriate, you can submit a complaint using our online complaint form.

Complaints give us an opportunity to identify areas for improvement. We approach any experience of unreasonable treatment, disadvantage of distress seriously and with sensitivity, and will work with you towards a timely and effective resolution.