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Asian Studies Association of Australia Conference 2018

3–5 July 2018

We are proud to host the 22nd biennial conference of the Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA).

Co-organised by the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre, the China Studies Centre and the School of Languages and Culture, this conference will bring together academics from across the disciplines with a shared interest in Asia. The conference is open to scholars, students and community members wishing to share their research and hear about the latest developments in Asian Studies.

The theme for 2018, Area studies and beyond, builds upon the traditional interdisciplinary fields of research within Asian Studies and seeks to move beyond them, to celebrate the full breadth and depth of interest in Asia across all fields of research.

Call for papers

Proposal submissions are now open for panels, individual papers and workshops. The deadline for submissions is 1 November 2017.

We strongly encourage multi-country or multi-disciplinary representation, as well as gender balance and the inclusion of a combination of junior and senior scholars, in all proposals.

Sponsoring a session at the ASAA Conference

Institutions can sponsor session(s) at the ASAA conference. This is an opportunity for institutions to promote their research work, interests, and to promote their brand during the conference.

To sponsor a panel, workshop or roundtable, email the conference committee on

Sponsorships may take several forms such as full or partial payment of travel or accommodation costs and/or administrative organisation of the panel.

At a minimum, the institution sponsoring the panel is expected to cover the conference registration fees of presenters, paid directly to the conference organisers.

Institutions should liaise directly with session participants regarding the extent of additional financial or administrative support offered.

Institutions may choose to sponsor a panel (or a stream of panels), a roundtable or a workshop.

A sponsored panel will consist of four presentations and a moderated question and answer session around a particular theme. The sponsoring institution can select appropriate speakers and nominate a chair for the session, or delegate that responsibility to the designated disciplinary/thematic champion. 

A roundtable includes 4-6 speakers discussing topical issues in relation to the whole region on one of the following topics:

  • Asian cities
  • Climate change
  • Politics and security
  • Pandemics and emerging diseases
  • Asia's heritage challenges

Sponsorship of a roundtable costs $5000. Sponsoring institutions can suggest possible speakers for the roundtables. If your institution is interested in sponsoring one of these roundtable discussions, please email the conference organising committee.

A half-day or full-day workshop may be proposed on a topic pertaining to research, pedagogy, career development, or another topic relevant that may be relevant to conference attendees. Accepted workshops will be scheduled for 2 July 2018, the day prior to the conference. The conference organiser will provide a space for the workshop and can assist with promotion, but it will be up to the workshop proposers to organise content, materials and registration. 

Institutions that sponsor panels are invited to display their branding during the session and display collateral at the conference. Their support will also be acknowledged on the conference website.

If sponsoring institutions have other requests, they can be discussed directly with the conference committee.

Please email specific questions about sponsoring panels to the conference committee 

Postgraduate engagement

The ASAA conference 2018 will also include a postgraduate workshop on 2 July 2018. Applications for the workshop will close on 30 March. The workshop is open to all postgraduate members of the ASAA. Postgraduates wishing to attend the workshop are strongly encouraged to attend the conference.

Conference committee members

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