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Journalism Studies

Research themes in Journalism Studies include journalism history, journalism and the academy, journalism theory, professionalism, journalism cultures, news production, news content, more...

Supervisor(s): Dwyer, Tim (Associate Professor), Le Masurier , Megan (Dr), Martin, Fiona (Dr), O'Donnell, Penny (Dr), Avieson, Bunty (Dr), Brevini, Benedetta (Dr), Nip, Joyce (Dr)

Digital Cultures Program

Digital Cultures is a transdisciplinary program investigating the social and cultural changes emerging with digital and convergent technologies. We welcome proposals from qualified more...

Supervisor(s): Brevini, Benedetta (Dr), Chesher, Chris (Dr), Carter, Marcus (Dr), Humphry, Justine (Dr)

Chinese Studies

Chinese Studies has a long and multifaceted history with rich traditions of philosophy, literature, art and religion. With its dynamic economy and changing society, China is also pl more...

Supervisor(s): Tsung, Linda (Associate Professor), Nip, Joyce (Dr), Wang, Wei (Dr), Zhao, Xiaohuan (Dr)