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Spatio-temporal geodata mining

Observations suggest that fundamental evolutionary cycles on Earth, including major sea-level fluctuations and pulses of deep Earth resource formation are linked to tectonic and dee more...

Supervisor(s): Muller, Dietmar (Professor), Chandra, Rohitash (Dr)

Advanced orchard mapping systems using robotics, sensing and perception

The aim of the project is to research and develop intelligent orchard mapping systems that provide timely, high resolution data to support farm management. more...

Supervisor(s): Underwood, James (Dr)

Plant-microbial interactive effects on soil carbon in relation to soil structure

Maintaining healthy soils is vital for sustaining terrestrial life on earth.  The functioning of soil is to a large degree defined by its structure.  Soil structure affect more...

Supervisor(s): Dijkstra, Feike (Associate Professor)