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What happens next

Your application will be assessed by the relevant faculty or school. You will be offered a place in the honours program provided there are places available and you have met the eligibility criteria, including completion of any prerequisites.

If you are currently completing a unit of study that is a prerequisite, you may be offered a place conditional on completing the unit. This includes if you are completing your studies through Summer School. If you have applied for an embedded honours program, your application will be assessed once your results for the current semester have been released and your resulting WAM calculated.

If you have received an offer to an honours program, you can’t defer your offer. If you want to commence honours in a future intake, you will need to reapply.

If you have applied for the Bachelor of Education (Honours), you will be notified if you are successful and allocated your supervisor during the week before Semester 2.

Offers will be made in mid-April for intake into honours in Semester 2 of that year. 

You will be notified of the outcome of your application usually in January of your final year.

Enrolment changes

Mode of attendance

Your honours program will usually be completed full time. Depending on your program, in some cases if you are unable to complete full-time study you may be able to take the honours program part time. Discuss your options with your supervisor.

If a change is allowed for your program, you can then apply to change your mode of attendance.

You may be able to complete your honours program part time over up to four consecutive semesters. You’ll need to discuss this with your supervisor first. If allowed, you can then change your mode of attendance.

Once your application has been approved, we’ll amend your enrolment and you will receive a new Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN) or revised fee statement.

Students completing honours in science may undertake the program part time over two years with permission of the Associate Dean. The research project needs to be completed in two consecutive semesters.

Suspend honours

If you want to suspend your honours, you will first need to discuss this with your supervisor or honours coordinator. If permission is given, you can request to suspend your studies through Sydney Student.

Discontinue honours

If you want to discontinue your honours program, you should first discuss this with your supervisor.

If you are completing an embedded honours program, you will need to get academic advice about returning to your pass degree. Depending on how far through your honours program you are, you may not have completed all the necessary pass degree units of study and this may affect your graduation date.

You will need to request to discontinue your honours program through Sydney Student.

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