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The PRSS is a scheme that provides direct support for currently enrolled postgraduate research students. Under the scheme, funds are allocated to Schools or Departments (in some cases Faculties) based on their higher degree research enrolment figures in the previous year. The funds are not allocated directly to the students but are awarded by Schools or Departments to eligible applicants on a competitive basis according to the University's general guidelines. Information about the Postgraduate Research Support Scheme is available on the Scholarships Office website.

In the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the PRSS application process is managed by the Schools. At least one application round will be held every year. For information on application closing dates and to obtain copies of application forms and guidelines visit the School website.

Below are listed prizes and scholarships specific to this Department.

The Emilie M. Schweitzer Exchange Scholarships in French or German Studies

Deadline for applications in 2017: 4pm Monday, 3 April 2017

The Emilie Marguerite Schweitzer Exchange Scholarships (worth $3,000.00 each) were founded in 2015 by a bequest from Emilie M Schweitzer to the Departments of French Studies and Germanic Studies for students undertaking an approved exchange place in France or Germany to be credited towards their degree.

This scholarship is open to Third Year students currently enrolled in a French Studies or Germanic Studies Major in the introductory stream. Award of the scholarship is conditional upon the student's intention to continue with French or German Honours (or joint Honours).

Please note that students can apply pending their exchange approval but the scholarship will be awarded only if the exchange is approved.

Emilie M. Schweitzer Exchange Scholarship application form

The Emilie M. Schweitzer Honours Scholarships in French or German Studies

Deadline for applications in 2017: 4pm Monday, 3 April 2017

The Emilie Marguerite Schweitzer Honours Scholarships (worth $5,000.00 each) were founded in 2010 by a bequest from Emilie M Schweitzer to the Departments of French Studies and Germanic Studies for the establishment of scholarships for students of French and German proceeding into Honours. The awards will be based on the applicant’s academic achievements and financial needs.

This scholarship is open to both local and international students who have completed or are completing an undergraduate degree and have fulfilled honours program minimum admission requirement as stated on the university’s website at the time of application and have submitted an admission for honours course in Sydney Student majoring in either French and Germanic Studies.

For more information and on how to apply, please click here.

Departmental Prizes and Scholarships

Anne Bates Memorial Scholarship for French
At least a distinction in the reading section of the Advanced French Language unit, conditional on student continuing in French.

BNP Prize for French
For performance in 2nd year Introductory French Stream.

Garton Scholarship No I for French
Awarded for performance in FRNC1301/1302
Advanced French, 1st year.

Garton Scholarship No II for French
Advanced French, 2nd year.

Graham Jones Prize for French
Best in 3rd yr beginners stream excl FRNC 2501/2502.

Helen Simpson Prize for an essay in French Honours
For the best Honours thesis.

Joan Norris Prize
Awarded to the most proficient student in first year intermediate French.

Ronald Horan Prize for French
Awarded to the student who achieves the highest level of proficiency in French Studies in the third year beginner's stream in practical language courses

Sonia Marks Memorial Prize for French
French performance in FRNC 1102/1101.

Peter Edward Moran Memorial Prize for French
To a student in French Honours, performs greatest proficiency.

Total Australia Prize in French
Performance in FRNC 1201/1202.

Ian David Armfield Prize
Established in 1973 by a gift of $400 from the friends of Ian David Armfield in his memory. Awarded annually to a candidate taking 24 senior units of French and/or German in his/her third year of study in the language/s for meritorious performance in language work. Where possible it will be awarded to a student qualifying to proceed to both French and German Honours.

Margaret Ann Bailey Memorial Prize for Honours in a Modern European Foreign Language
Founded in 1957 by a donation of £250 from subscribers to an appeal for funds to establish a prize in memory of Miss M. A. Bailey, formerly Principal of Ascham School. Awarded annually on the recommendation of the Heads of the Departments, provided there is a candidate of sufficient merit to the woman candidate who most distinguishes herself in the final honours year in French, Italian, German or Modern Greek.

Lithgow Scholarship no II for French
For highest level of proficiency in 3rd year advanced stream in French. Must attend French Honours.