Academic Coordinators

Chair of Department

First year Coordinators

First year coordinators are responsible for keeping student records up to date, noting students' illnesses (from medical certificates provided), answering queries about the overall structure of the unit, etc. Consult the relevant year coordinator, or your tutor or lecturer, for help with arranging your unit structure or with other difficulties you may have.

Introductory stream:

Intermediate stream:

  • TBA

Advanced stream:

Unit Coordinators

Unit coordinators are listed on undergraduate semester timetables.

Unit coordinators (as well as the Faculty) should be informed of any illness or other misadventure that leads students to miss classes and tutorials or be late with assignments.

Undergraduate Coordinator

Student Exchange Coordinator

Intensive Unit Coordinator

Short-term Exchanges

Postgraduate Research Coordinator

Honours and BA (Languages) Coordinator

Director of Diploma of Language Studies

Library Liaison