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The rapidly growing discipline of international business is an expression of the underlying international perspective of the University of Sydney Business School as a whole. It is, as well, an appropriate response to the pressures of globalisation of business and its associated ramifications - such as the imperatives of international accounting standards, international benchmarking across all areas of management, and broader policy and strategic issues.

Within the discipline of International Business our programs and research encompass a broad domain, including: multinational and transnational business activities; strategic and managerial processes that cross national boundaries; managing cultural differences and international negotiations; joint ventures and strategic alliances; and mergers and acquisitions.

However, the scope of the discipline goes beyond this to reflect the fact that the dynamics of international business are inextricably linked with the economic, regulatory, political and cultural frameworks within which business operates.

This interdisciplinary perspective supports, for instance, work on international risk management and crisis management for business organisations, governments and NGOs; businessgovernment relations, including government incentives and FDI policy for attracting and managing MNEs; and country-specific studies, such as the impact of Japanese MNEs on the Asia- Pacific region, foreign investment in China, and the contribution of foreign firms to the development of Australia.

The Entrepreneurship & Innovation Research Group (EIRG) is a cross-disciplinary team of researchers that focus on business innovation and entrepreneurial ventures and people. Within this context of innovation and entrepreneurship, areas of focus include internationalisation pathways, strategic management and entrepreneurship (both business and social).

The Emerging Market Internationalization Research Group (EMIRG) is devoted to studying the internationalization strategies of emerging market firms as well as those of western multinationals in emerging markets. EMIRG contributes to research and practice by disentangling the unique and rather unconventional paths, processes and performances been adopted and experienced by emerging market firms in their international expansion. The research group also strengthens knowledge on doing business in emerging markets by focusing on the unique institutional characteristics of emerging markets, the inherent diversity of institutions, and the consequent challenges and opportunities for western multinationals.