Postgraduate students

Supervisor: Prof Yiu-Wing Mai

Ms Nan Zheng

Research: Toughened CF/EP composites

Phone: +61-04-05054757


Photo of Ms Nan Zheng
Supervisor: Prof Lin Ye

Mr Samir Mustapha

Research: Detection of de-bonding in sandwich CF/EP composite structures using Lamb waves

Phone: +61-02-9351 2153


Photo of Mr Samir Mustapha

Ms Jianing Zhang

Research: The toughening and strengthening mechanisms of epoxy nanocomposites modified by inorganic nanoparticles

Phone: +61-02-9351 2305


Photo of Ms Jianing Zhang
Supervisor: Prof Andrew Ruys

Ms Deepika Nandakumar

Research: Blood-biomaterial interaction

Phone: +61-02-9351 7155


Photo of Ms Deepika Nandakumar

Ms Nicole Yu

Research: Optimising bone tissue engineering by manipulation of anabolism and catabolism

Phone: +61-02-9845 1458


Photo of Ms Nicole Yu

Ms Shengnan Zhang

Research: Direct bonding of PEEK by plasma treatment for encapsulation of medical implants

Phone: +61-02-9351 7155


Photo of Ms Shengnan Zhang
Supervisor: Prof Qing Li

Mr Joseph Cadman

Research: Computational design and fabrication of cellular materials and structures

Phone: +61-02-9351 2284


Photo of Mr Joseph Cadman
Supervisor: Prof Xiaozhou Liao

Ms Yujie Chen

Research: In-situ deformation Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) investigation of the deformation behaviours and mechanical properties of GaAs nanowires

Phone: +61-02-9351 8689


Photo of Ms Yujie Chen

Ms Song Ni

Research: In situ straining and nanoindentation deformation in TEM of nanostructured (ns) materials

Phone: +61-02-9351 8608


Photo of Ms Song Ni

Mr Yiwei Zhu

Research: Atomistic mechanisms of the mechanical behaviour of nanostructured silicon carbide films

Phone: +61-02-9351 8689


Photo of Mr Yiwei Zhu

Mr Bal Krishna Bashyal

Research: In-situ transmission electron microscopy nanoindentation investigation of the deformation behaviour of metallic amorphous/crystalline composites

Phone: +61-02-9351 8689


Photo of Mr Bal Krishna Bashyal