Conference: Do We Need a Physics of ‘Passage’?

Conference Videos

10-14 December, 2012 : Capetown, South Africa.

This conference was generously supported by the John Templeton Foundation as part of the project New Agendas for the Study of Time. It was organised by Alex Holcombe, Kristie Miller, Huw Price and Dean Rickles of the Centre for Time, University of Sydney, in conjunction with Professor George Ellis, University of Capetown.

Carlo Rovelli, “Is Time Needed to Describe Change?”

Teresa McCormack, “Ways of Representing Time: Developmental Considerations.”

Kia Nobre, “Anticipating Perception in the Human Brain.”

Fay Dowker, “Things Happen, They Just Happen in a Partial Order.”

Christoph Hoerl, “Do We Need a Phenomenology of Passage?”

Nick Huggett, “Quantum Time and Phenomenal Time.”

George Ellis, “The Evolving Block Universe: A More Realistic View of Spacetime Geometry.”

Avshalom Elitzur, “My Future Engraved on Stone: Quantum Measurements that Seem to Undermine Becoming.”

Jeremy Butterfield, “Growing Time? Branching Time?”

Huw Price, “Three Exits from the Block Universe.”

Rafael Sorkin, “Solved and Unsolved ‘Problems of Time’ in Quantum Gravity.”

Edward Anderson, “The Problem of Time in Quantum Gravity.”

Chris Sinha, “Time in Life and Mind.”