Complex Systems Research Group

We are interested in studying critical phenomena in technological, social, organisational, and biological systems, in a wide range of dynamic, distributed and complex settings.

Modern day infrastructure exhibits behaviours distinguishing it from infrastructure of the past. They are becoming more interconnected, for example our roads are connected to our power systems which are connected to data networks and so on. Moreover, the behaviour of the infrastructure is not dependent solely on the behaviour of its parts. Civil infrastructure exhibits interdependencies such that the behaviour of the system is often more than the sum of its parts. We call these complex civil systems.

The Complex Systems Research Group is an integral part of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies' complex systems key research area. It has a strong focus on theory and covers such areas as guided self-organisation, large-scale complex networks, and adaptive systems.

We use cross-disciplinary methods drawn from information theory, mathematical sociology, machine learning, graph-theory, computational epidemiology, agent-based simulation, dynamical systems theory, and systems biology, in developing solutions for complex civil systems and large-scale crisis forecasting (including epidemic, socio-economic, financial, technological, socio-ecological, and other types).

Our researchers have also been involved in the development of two innovative degree programs based on a complex adaptive systems approach: