Personal Radiation Monitors (PRMs)

A PRM is to be worn at all times whilst on clinical placements. The Discipline of Medical Radiation Sciences issues PRMs at set dates four (4) times throughout the year. It is the student’s responsibility to know these dates and be available for the return and re-issue (if applicable) of their PRM. Students will be notified of exchange dates via their University email. Enquiries concerning these should be directed to the Work Integrated Learning administrator or email .

A new PRM will not be issued until the previous PRM has been returned. A $50 fine will be applied to late returns or lost PRMs. Payment of fines can be made via the University’s online payment system.

Student X-Ray Markers

All Diagnostic Radiography students must purchase and keep at least one set (pair) of x-ray markers, showing the initials of their name, for the duration of their program (course). These will be used in relevant practical classes on campus and also when on external placements. Students cannot participate in those practical classes or placement without these. Please make your order and payment in the timeframe indicated by your Work Integrated Learning academic.

Please complete the information and make your payment via the University’s online payment system using a credit (or debit) card. Once payment is complete, you will automatically be provided with a receipt from the online payment system. Please keep this as your copy to prove payment. The Work Integrated Learning unit will then arrange for the x-ray markers to be ordered from a supplier. You will be notified by your Work Integrated Learning academic when the x-ray markers are available for pick up.