General Communication and Email Etiquette

Effective communication is vital when working in a professional discipline. Good communication skills, both verbal and written, are an essential attribute when it comes to working as a health professional.

It is expected that all student communication with university staff, placement supervisors and clients/patients is polite, respectful and conducted in a professional manner.

Whilst on placement it is a requirement that students document any interactions with clients/patients, write reports and letters. All written communication must comply with the standards of the placement site.

If a student feels they may encounter difficulties with communication, it is recommended they contact their Clinical Educator Coordinator or contact the Learning Centre for assistance.

It is University policy that all email communication between staff, students and external stakeholders is made via the University email account provided. Students are required to read and understand Professional Email Etiquette. This document provides some basic tips and guidelines that will assist a student to present a professional image that the University and the profession will expect when using email communication.