Work, Health and Safety

Student Induction - Useful Information for Supervisors

From 1 July 2012 it is a requirement of all Faculty of Health Sciences students to complete a Work Health and Safety Induction Checklist within the first few days of their placement. This is in accordance with requirements of the national Work Health and Safety (WHS) legislation (previously known as Occupational Health & Safety), that came into effect in NSW on 1 January 2012. The information and training students need to receive as part of a WHS induction include:

  • Who is responsible for health and safety and the arrangements for reporting hazards, incidents and injuries
  • Health and safety procedures relevant to the student, including the use and maintenance of risk control measures
  • How students can access health and safety information

The University understands that in most cases sites will already have the necessary documentation in place. To meet obligations under the WHS legislation it might be necessary to build on or develop existing induction and orientation resources. It is quite appropriate for students to assist sites to do this as a part of the placement. For example, the students may be able to put together a WHS induction folder or contribute to existing information by adding relevant documents to it (such as updating the manual handling policy, undertaking a specific risk assessment, developing a risk assessment form, or creating a summary of emergency procedures).

Some websites that might be useful in developing this information are:

The students' completed Work Health and Safety induction checklist is to be uploaded to Sonia during the first week of their placement.