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Arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions cause the greatest burden of disability worldwide. They have an enormous economic impact on the community, as well as placing a huge personal and social burden on individuals and families. The Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Research Group is dedicated to reducing this global burden of disease.

Our researchers are carrying out pioneering work to discover new diagnostic tests and treatments for sports injuries, back and neck pain, as well as knee, foot and ankle problems and also neuromuscular disorders. The answers to these problems are complex, so we take an international, multidisciplinary approach to find new ways to improve quality of life, productivity and independence of the many people with musculoskeletal disorders. Our work spans basic research through to translation of clinical applications in our mission to prevent arthritis, chronic pain and disability.


Kathryn Refshauge

Joshua Burns

Claire Hiller

Evangelos Papas

Debra Shirley

Alison Harmer

Paulo Ferreira

Trudy Rebbeck

Martin Mackey

Jean Nightingale

Milena Simic

Joanna Diong

Jacqueline Raymond

Glen Davis

David Kennedy

Robert Boland

Michael Lee

Roger Adams

Sarah Dennis

Jonathan Freeston

Ross Sanders

Clifton Chan

Leslie Nicholson

Tatjana Seizova-Cajic


Shiek Abdullah Ismail

Larry Cohen

Thiago Lopes

Marilie Aguilla

Kayla Cornett

Sarah Kobayashi

Saeed Aladal

Amabillie Dario

Penny Latey

Dalia Alamam

Marina de Barros Pinheiro

Melissa Mandarakas

Abdullah Alnagmoosh

Matt Fernandez

Marnee McKay

Hosam Alzahrani

Alex Griffin

John Petrozzi

Jennifer Baldwin

Mark Halliday

Leanne Purcell

Aila Bandong

David Hillard

Kathryn Skelsey

Anita de Amorim

Kevin Ho

Amy Vassallo

Susie Blackburn

Alison Hodges

Josh Zadro