About us

The Brain Injury team provides multidisciplinary perspectives on the assessment and treatment of people with brain impairment.

Given the broad scope of this team, our research is investigating areas such as:

  • The best treatments for individuals with traumatic brain injury (TBI) to improve their communication skills
  • Training family members, paid support workers and others in the community regarding how to best communicate with people with communication disability arising from acquired brain impairment
  • Examining the chat room discourse of people with TBI
  • Exploring the issues facing younger people in nursing homes, their families and nursing home staff
  • Language assessment techniques for children with brain injury
  • Trialing new methods of aided communication during mechanical ventilation

The team is involved in a number of national and international research collaborations including:

  • PsycBITE: the Psychological database for Brain Impairment Treatment Efficacy
  • SpeechBITE: the Speech Pathology database for Best Interventions and Treatment Efficacy
  • AphasiaBank: a repository of multimedia samples of well-described patients with acquired brain impairments participating in a variety of language and communication sampling protocols, accessible to researchers in need of a corpus of data to answer questions of clinical significance
  • Clinical Centre of Research Excellence