There are many research opportunities available in the various disciplines and research units within the CCS.

Research courses

In postgraduate research courses in the Central Clinical School, students undertake supervised research, the major component of which is a research project leading to the production of a thesis. The Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Medicine/Master of Science in Medicine and Master of Surgery, are all research courses.

The research masters and doctoral degrees have two intents.

  1. To prepare a substantial piece of work which represents a significant contribution to the particular field of study
  2. To train candidates in the general area of research methodology, equipping them with skills which will serve them in any area of research.

The University will also award a Doctor of Medicine (MD), a higher doctoral degree whose award is based on the research output of the applicant over a substantial number of years. A higher doctoral degree is normally awarded to graduates of the University of Sydney on the basis of a distinguished contribution to a field of knowledge.