About pain - Patient stories

PMRI has helped thousands of Australians to manage their acute, chronic and cancer pain. This section profiles the stories of some of our patients.

We invite you to submit your story to us by email to PMRI.hotline@med.usyd.edu.au. Identifying details will be removed or altered before publication if you wish, and confidentiality will be assured.

Some names have been changed on the stories below to protect privacy, but all factual details are as submitted to us.

For more information please visit our Patient Services.

Stories from our patients

The Barbara Walker Centre

Barbara Walker entered an ADAPT course in 1995 "feeling very skeptical, as it sounded like some Pollyanna fairy tale", but was taught practical pain self -management strategies. Her success at ADAPT led to her family's support for the establishment of a pain management clinic at St Vincents Hospital in Melbourne under her name Read more

Barbara's story

Barbara Walker suffered chronic pain after a breast cancer operation, crossed the world in search of a cure, and finally entered the ADAPT course, which she says turned her life around. Read more

Lorraine's story

Lorraine Havin, 76 "I'd had six major back operations - pieces of bone taken from my hip, braced to my spine, titanium screws put in, taken out ... Read more

Rebecca's story

Rebecca Myers, 18 "I was 14, doing gymnastics training 15 hours a week, when I ran into the vault horse and fractured my lower back. I changed my mind at the last minute and baulked ... Read more

Ross' story

Ross Stothard gives a throaty chortle as he recalls his first week at the ADAPT pain management course: “I felt so angry, I was going to throw the bloody psychologist out the window.” But ... Read more

Simone's story

Simone Stanford, 39, was 20 years old, studying to be a concert pianist, newly married and driving with her husband, when a car accident left her a quadriplegic ... Read more

Steve's story

Steve Moylan, 42 "I was a cop for 20 years, mostly in plain clothes. "In 1995, I was walking along a footpath, when a four-¬wheel drive ran off the road and pinned me against the wall with its roo bar ... Read more