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Tips for people who suffer from chronic pain (Download as PDF: 92kb)

Acute pain guidelines

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) of Australia have released an updated version of their Acute Pain Guidelines.

Manage Your Pain – self-help book

Practical and Positive Ways of Adapting to Chronic Pain: Professor Michael Nicholas, Dr Allan Molloy, Lois Tonkin and Lee Beeston - Published by ABC Books

“The sense of defeat that severe pain induces closes the shutters on life and the future. It dissolves initiative. This book provides clues as to how that defeat, and pain itself, can be managed, beginning where you are and how you are. It provides a map to guide your self start on the tough road of recovery from pain.”
Professor Stephen Leeder
Dean, Faculty of Medicine
University of Sydney

“For many patients with chronic ongoing pain, there are not specific treatments for an underlying cause and sadly at present there are no really effective treatments for the pain. . . this book provides a real hope of improvement. In my more than 30 years in this field, I can state quite unequivocally that one of the biggest improvements in the well being of patients with chronic pain has resulted from the use of the methods described in this book.”
Professor Michael J. Cousins AM
Director of the Pain Management Research Institute,
Royal North Shore Hospital
University of Sydney

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Orofacial pain

The information provided is for reference only. The diagnosis and management of a patient's pain problem should be made under the direct personal care of a medical, dental, or other health practitioner.

The articles above are reproduced from:
Orofacial Pain: problem based learning
By E. Russell Vickers

with the permission of the author and publisher.
Published by Sydney University Press, 2005