• This service is provided by one of our physiotherapists (all with extensive experience and training in musculoskeletal pain assessment and management).
  • This can be provided for a limited number of sessions (typically, up to 10 x 30-60 minute sessions). In sub-acute cases (4-12 weeks post injury) fewer sessions are likely.
  • Referral can be from a GP or specialist, insurer, rehabilitation provider or other health professionals.
  • In some cases the treatment provided may be a combination of physical and psychological therapies at the PMRC.

This is a rare opportunity to achieve closely coordinated physiotherapy and psychological interventions with clinicians used to working together.

For more generally disabled, distressed and/or medication dependent patients, one of our intensive cognitive-behavioural, multidisciplinary treatment programs may be recommended. These involve groups of 8-10 patients at a time working with the small team of staff. It is our experience that there are significant functional benefits for this group of patient to attend the more intensive program if they meet the entry criteria (see ADAPT).

Enquiries Ms Lois Tonkin (Senior Physiotherapist) on 02 9463 1522, or via the PMRC Front Desk on 02 9463 1500.