Western Sydney Sexual Health received the following grants:

Current Grants

  • Whiley, D., Guy, R., Ward, J., Donovan, B., Lahra, M., Chen, M., Ryder, N., Lewis, D., Wand, H., Paterson, D. 2017-2020. Use of molecular resistance assays to provide alternative oral treatment strategies for gonorrhoea in Indigenous and other high-risk populations; a randomised cluster trial. The National Health and Medical Research Council, project grant #1122141 $828,671.
  • Chow, E., Fairley, C., Bradshaw, C., Zhang, L., Hocking, J., Lewis, D., Chen, M., Read, T., Whiley, D. 2017-2019. A randomised controlled trial of daily antibacterial mouthwash to reduce pharyngeal gonorrhoea among men who have sex with men (MSM). The National Health and Medical Research Council, project grant #1122514 $376,730.
  • Prof David Lewis is an AI on a further NHMRC grant awarded in 2016, entitled ‘A randomized controlled trial of azithromycin versus doxycycline for the treatment of rectal chlamydia infection in men who have sex with men’ (CI-A Jane Hocking, University of Melbourne). 2017-2019. Project grant #1124172 $797,906.
  • Prof David Lewis is continuing to work as a research collaborator with on-going projects in Africa focused on STI/HIV surveillance and genital tract inflammation. He is a co-investigator on ‘A GIFT (Genital Inflammation Test) for HIV prevention’ funded in 2016 for a second three year period by the South African Medical Research Council (Co-Principal Investigators Jo-Ann Passmore and Lindi Masson).

Previous Grants

  • Skinner, S.R, Cooper Robbins, S.C., McCaffery, K., Zimet, G., McGeechan, K., Whyte, P. 2012-2014. Randomised controlled evaluation of a complex intervention to promote uptake of school-based HPV vaccination. The National Health and Medical Research Council, project grant #1026765 $723,634.
  • Cooper Robbins, S.C., Skinner, S.R., Hillman, RJ. (2012-4). Exploring knowledge, attitudes and acceptance of HPV vaccination in adolescent males. CSL Biotherapies, Australia $166,077.
  • Cooper Robbins, S.C., Zimet, G. 2012-2013. Evaluation of a parent-adolescent decision aid for HPV vaccination. The University of Sydney International Research Collaboration Award. $10,500.
  • Cooper Robbins, S.C. Travel Scholarship from CSL Biotherapies, Awarded $2,753, June 2012.
  • Hillman RJ. 2010-15 Chief Clinical Investigator for one major project of Program NHMRC. (Not a named investigator). Program Grant #568971 (via Kirby Institute) $1,500,000.
  • Hillman RJ. 2010-15 Pro bono support for cytological and histological analyses Douglass Hanley Moir $250,000
  • Hillman RJ. 2013-15 Chief Clinical Investigator: Strategic Research Partnership Grant: Preventing morbidity and mortality from anal cancer. Cancer Council $1,982,544.
  • Hillman RJ. 2013-15 (Associate Investigator) 2013-15: Testing of HPV biomarkers on anal cytology to predict the presence of and progression to more severe anal dysplasia. Cure Cancer Australia $192,000.
  • Santella, A.J, Fraser, J; Prehn, A. 2013 PROMISE: Promoting Research on Methods in Screening Expertise: Knowledge of HIV, Attitudes toward HIV and Willingness to Conduct Rapid HIV Testing among Health Promotion and Education Specialists in the United States and Australia. Walden University, USA $20,000
  • Sawleshwarkar S, Hillman RJ, Zodpey S. 2011-13 Intensive Professional Program in Sexual transmitted infections and HIV - International Professional Certificate in Sexual transmitted infections/HIV (IPC-Sexual transmitted infections/HIV) June 1 2010. Public Sector Linkage Program (PSLP) 2009-10 Australian Government AusAID (Round 2). $251,810.
  • Sawleshwarkar S, Hillman RJ, Caldwell M, Mindel A 2012 Short Intensive Professional Program in HIV (SIPPH) for 23 Fellows from Zambia, Botswana, Cambodia and India. Australian Federal Government, AusAID Australian Leadership Award Fellowships (Round 11) $840,000.
  • Sawleshwarkar S, Bandaranayake D, 2011-2013 Joint Cancer Research Symposium between the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS), India and Sydney Medical School (SMS). University of Sydney. International Program Development Fund, University of Sydney. $23,500.
  • Sawleshwarkar S, Foster K, 2011-2013 Developing a partnership between Sydney Medical School and medical institutions in Ghana for capacity building in health education with focus on priority areas. International Program Development Fund, University of Sydney. $23,440.