University's research contribution recognised by ERA

6 December 2012

The world-class standard of University of Sydney research has been confirmed in the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) evaluations announced today.

ERA judges the quality of research conducted at Australian universities. Of the almost 100 academic fields of research assessed at the University of Sydney, 75 percent performed above or well above world standard.

"I am incredibly pleased to see our 2012 ERA results. Not only have our researchers maintained their high standards but they have improved the quality of their research beyond expectations," said Professor Jill Trewhella, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research).

"The success of our commitment to developing the University's research strengths, including with strategic investment, can be seen in these results."

This is the second time the evaluation, aimed at highlighting the research strengths of Australia's tertiary sector, has been undertaken.

"Research from the University's faculties of nursing and veterinary science were two areas of exceptional improvement in this year's ERA assessment," said Professor Trewhella.

Other research areas which have significantly developed include environmental science and management, communications technology, paediatrics and reproductive medicine, pharmacology and pharmaceutical sciences.

"These results place Sydney in a brilliant position to further our multidisciplinary work," said Professor Trewhella.

"Disciplinary strength and breadth is the essential foundation for collaborations that can contribute to the big societal challenges; such as those that strengthen our place in the region or impact individual and community health and wellbeing."

"With the recent launch of the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre, our fourth multi-disciplinary research group, I look forward to seeing the positive impact this collaborative research - both with other researchers and with industry - will have on Australia."

The results also reflect improvements made in the University's research support and administration structure which have allowed more comprehensive recording of research publications and better identification of research strengths.

All 11 NSW universities participated in ERA 2012. Performance at world standard or higher was identified at one or more universities in NSW in all fields of research evaluated.

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