Sydney's swine flu experts

25 May 2009

With the confirmation of the first human-to-human transmissions of swine flu on Australian soil, in keeping with our expert's predictions, Health Minister Nicola Roxon now says that new cases should be expected to be reported every few hours.

"We were never going to dodge that bullet," said Sydney University expert Professor Robert Booy, Head of Clinical Research at the National Centre for Immunisation Research & Surveillance. "Given the two billion commercial air travellers a year it was always going to come to Australia within about a month."

Confirmation of the H1N1 cases increased to 11 on Friday (22May), with two of the first human-to-human transmissions on Australian soil. A number of University of Sydney experts are on hand to answer questions about the swine flu outbreak for members of the media, with contact details below.

For further information about University of Sydney expertise on the swine flu contact the Media Office on +61 2 9351 4312 or 0421 617 861

Some of the University experts who are available for comment are:

Professor Robert Booy, Head of Clinical Research at the national Centre for Immunisation Research & Surveillance +61 2 9845 0520

Hudsen Birden,Senior Lecturer, Public Health and Clinical Leadership +61 2 6620 7603

Clinical Professor Dominic Dwyer, Medicine (Immunology & Infectious Diseases), Western Clinical School Centre for Infectious Diseases & Microbiology +61 2 9845 6694

Professor Peter Curson, Professor in Population and Security and a member of the National Consultative Group on Biosecurity +61 29351 4550. Read Peter Curson's commentary from The Australian and Unleashed.

Associate Professor Kevin Downard, Molecular Biotechnology +61 2 9351 4140

Contact: Media Office

Phone: +61 2 9351 4312 or 0421 617 861

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