Quad bike death prompts call for action

15 September 2011

Quad bikes reportedly cause 14 deaths a year.
Quad bikes reportedly cause 14 deaths a year.

Another quad bike death has prompted University of Sydney public health expert Associate Professor Tony Lower to again call for modification to the bikes' manufacture.

Associate Professor Lower states that since 2001 there have been on average of 14 deaths per year, as well as innumerable injuries caused by quad bikes.

"These vehicles have a tendency to roll over, resulting in death from crushing and/or asphyxiation injury," states Associate Professor Lower.

The director of the Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety says that as with any other vehicle, the designers and manufacturers of quad bike should have safety top of mind.

"There's been a continued resistance from quad bike manufacturers to fit crush protection devices through their representative group the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries," he says.

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) has in the past commissioned engineering research indicating that some form of crush protection device does help to provide protection in the event of a roll over, states Associate Professor Lower.

He is calling on the FCAI to take positive action.

"If the FCAI refuses to support the fitting of crush protection devices to quad bikes to reduce deaths and serious injuries, one must question how serious they are about user safety."

"Having this information but failing to accurately relay it to their retailers and the public means that the FCAI and manufacturers are failing in their duty of care," Associate Professor Lower says.

"We owe this to all the people that use these vehicles, including our farmers, their families and agricultural workers."

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