Sydney Ideas features WikiLeaks spokesperson Kristinn Hrafnsson

14 June 2011

Icelandic journalist Kristinn Hrafnsson, current spokesman for WikiLeaks.
Icelandic journalist Kristinn Hrafnsson, current spokesman for WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks burst into political life with revelations that shocked both the public and governments globally.

At Sydney Ideas on 17 June, WikiLeaks spokesperson Kristinn Hrafsson will ask "If WikiLeaks has changed 'politics-as-usual', what has it done for media?"

WikiLeaks spokesperson Kristinn Hrafnsson talks frankly about the organisation's relationship with mainstream media and the profound legal, ethical, and political issues it poses for us all.

The audience will have a chance to discuss questions such as:

  • how does WikiLeaks see the media, now it is often working closely with it?
  • what are the challenges of working with the existing media structures?
  • does WikiLeaks aim to change the role of media in our society?
  • how does WikiLeak's content differ from traditional media, especially from the corporate sector?

Kristinn Hrafnsson is the current spokesman for WikiLeaks following legal battles engulfing the organisation's founder, Julian Assange.

Hrafnsson is an Icelandic investigative journalist who has exposed high level criminal activity and corruption. His work on the collapse of Iceland's Kaupthing Bank caused his TV program to be taken off air and the team sacked. He joined the news team of Iceland's national broadcaster and fought against the legal suppression of further exposés about the bank drawn from documents published by WikiLeaks.

Hrafnsson was subsequently made redundant from the broadcaster and began to work independently. He collaborated with the WikiLeaks organisation and called the December 2010 attacks on WikiLeaks a "privatisation of censorship".

Kristinn Hrafnsson is in Australia as a guest of Intelligence Squared Australia. Co-presented with the Department of Media and Communications at the University of Sydney.

Event details

What: How WikiLeaks Will Transform Mainstream Media, a Sydney Ideas event

When: 6pm, Friday 17 June

Where: Great Hall, the Quadrangle, Camperdown Campus. See map and directions 

Cost: $20, concession $15, free for University of Sydney staff, students and alumni (please register online).

Bookings: Seymour Centre website or on 9351 9740

Media enquiries: Verity Leatherdale, 9351 4312, 0419 278 715,