Peter Anstey on Locke

17 August 2006

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In this, the first lecture of the 2006 Key Thinkers series, Dr. Peter Anstey examined four facets of the broad range of Locke's intellectual and professional pursuits.

First,turned to his writings about, and interactions with, the new science of his day. Locke lived during the time of the Scientific Revolution and rubbed shoulders with Newton, Boyle and Christiaan Huygens. It is therefore of the greatest interest to determine just how he viewed their achievements and what hopes he held out for the new science.

Second, Dr. Anstey examined Locke as a civil servant and in particular his close relations with the First Earl of Shaftesbury, Anthony Ashley Cooper. Third, he exploreed Locke's religious views and, finally, cover Locke's enormously influential political philosophy.

Dr. Peter Anstey is Chair of Early Modern Philosophy at the University of Otago in New Zealand and is a former Professor of Philosophy at the University of Sydney.

The next lecture in this series, to be held 23 August, will see Associate Professor Paul Redding tackle Immanuel Kant.