Robert van Krieken on Norbert Elias

12 October 2006

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Norbert Elias
Norbert Elias

At a time when many observers see the world as caught up in a 'clash of civilizations', we may need a well-grounded understanding of what civilization actually is more than ever before.

The social scientist who has done the most to contribute to such an understanding is the German sociologist, Norbert Elias. His theorisation of processes of civilisation and decivilisation, his understanding of social life constituted by long-term historical processes and his relational theory of power are all highly influential in stimulating important new research in the social and human sciences. This lecture, presented by Associate Professor Robert van Krieken of the Department of Sociology and Social Policy, gives an overview of what that stimulus is all about.

This lecture was part of the Key Thinkers series. The final lecture in the series will be given on 18 October: Dr John Buchanan on Marx.

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