National recognition for teaching excellence

22 July 2011

Associate Professor Rosina Mladenovic.
Associate Professor Rosina Mladenovic.

Teaching excellence and an innovative program that provides timely, individual feedback to large cohorts of students have been recognised in the 2011 national awards from the Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC).

Associate Professor Rosina Mladenovic (Discipline of Accounting, University of Sydney Business School) has received an award for teaching excellence, while Associate Professor Adam Bridgeman and Dr Peter Rutledge (School of Chemistry, Faculty of Science) have been recognised in the learning programs category.

Assoc Prof Bridgeman and Dr Rutledge won the award for their development of a program providing individualised feedback to very large first- and second-year chemistry cohorts.

As part of their Fast and Personal e-Feedback (FPF) initiative, custom-built software is used to provide tailored feedback to students within hours of submitting an assignment online, allowing them to reflect on their results and think about how they could be improved.

"Providing rapid and individualised feedback is a challenging task which educational institutions around the world strive to achieve, particularly those operating at the capacity of Sydney," said Professor Trevor Hambley, Dean of the Faculty of Science.

"Effective communication with our students is something that the University values and the outcomes of this project will enable increased information flow between students and academic staff, as well as increased student engagement. I congratulate Associate Professor Adam Bridgeman and Dr Peter Rutledge on this innovative project."

Where previously students would only have received a mark, they now each receive an email containing a unique report on their performance, how it compares to the rest of the cohort, and comments and links to resources to help them with areas with which they might be struggling.

Assoc Prof Rosina Mladenovic has received an award for excellence in teaching, recognising her dedication to students and passion for the field.

"Associate Professor Mladenovic is an exceptional teacher, whose dedication to teaching is an example to her colleagues across the university," said Professor Tyrone Carlin, Acting Dean of the University of Sydney Business School.

"Her achievements in teaching, research, mentoring and service to the academy and the profession are outstanding; viewed together, they are extraordinary.

"Fostering excellence in teaching is at the heart of our strategy, both at the University of Sydney Business School and throughout the university, so it's great to see this external recognition.

"I wholeheartedly congratulate Associate Professor Mladenovic on her exceptional achievement."

Assoc Prof Mladenovic also excels in teaching research, and is currently the 17th highest contributor to accounting education research worldwide.

Along with her research and work with students, Assoc Prof Mladenovic has led numerous teaching-related projects across the University and acted as a mentor to fellow teaching staff.

"From the beginning, my work has centred on engaging, motivating and inspiring students by helping them to see the significant impact they can have on the world as future leaders in business and government," Assoc Prof Mladenovic said in her application.

Now, with more than 20 years of experience, "with hand over heart, I can still say that I love teaching," she said.

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