World debut performance of revolutionary guitar

28 April 2006

Conservatorium of Music student Bryce Jacobs will demonstrate the range and abilities of his revolutionary new electric guitar in public for the first time tonight.

Bryce Jacobs with his new guitar
Bryce Jacobs with his new guitar

As an undergraduate student Bryce felt frustrated that he could not faithfully play on a standard guitar certain harmonically complex piano pieces like Debussy’s Clair de Lune, or reductions of intense orchestral works like Wagner’s Tristan and Isolde.

Now a postgraduate student studying composition, he has designed a guitar that is capable of playing these works and other classical pieces.

His design was a finalist in the University of Sydney’s recent Innovation Challenge.

As a composer Bryce aims for “a seamless sound where you have any style of music, particularly classical, jazz and rock, running into and fusing convincingly with each other,” and tonight he will be playing rock-based pieces with classical and jazz influences.

In exploring the range of his emerald green prototype tonight he will be joined by percussionist and Conservatorium graduate, Mark Spiteri, and bass player Daniel Kell.

They are appearing at Cosmo's Rock Lounge, 4 Mitchell St, Marrickville, 28 April 2006 at around 9pm. 

Contact: Christine Fogg

Phone: 02 9351 2261 or 0423 782 603