Australia Day Honours 2013

30 January 2013

Whether it be improving the welfare of veterans and medical education in Vietnam, service to the judiciary, improvements to our approaches in medicine or accomplishments on the sporting field University of Sydney staff and alumni have a diverse impact on Australian society.

The University extends warm congratulations to those who have passed through its doors and those still with us, whose contribution to Australia has been recognised in this year's Australia Day Honours.

We offer particular congratulations to University alumnus, The Hon Tom Uren, who has been named Companion (AC) in the General Division of the Order of Australia, the highest honour bestowed. Uren was named: "For eminent service to the community, particularly through contributions to the welfare of veterans, improved medical education in Vietnam and the preservation of sites of heritage and environmental significance."

This year's honours include:

Officer (OA) in the General Division of the Order of Australia

The Honourable Justice James Leslie Allsop, a graduate of the University who, in addition to his extensive legal accomplishments, has been a part-time lecturer in the University's Faculty of Law since 1981.

"For distinguished service to the judiciary and the law, as a judge, through reforms to equity and access, and through contributions to the administration of maritime law and legal education."

Ms Lynelle Jann Briggs, a graduate and former CEO of Medicare Australia from 2009-2011.

"For distinguished service to public administration, particularly through leadership in the development of public service performance and professionalism."

Mr Paul William Dyer, an alumni affiliate who founded the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra and served as its Artistic Director.

"For distinguished service to the performing arts, particularly orchestral music as a director, conductor and musician, through the promotion of educational programs and support for emerging artists."

Professor Peter Gavin Hall, a graduate who is an Australian Research Council (ARC) Australian Laureate Fellow for 2012-2016.

"For distinguished service to mathematical science in the field of statistics through international contributions to research, as an academic and mentor, and through leadership of advisory and professional organisations."

Mr Gregory Neil Hartung, a graduate who has served as Vice-President, International Paralympic Committee, since 2009.

"For distinguished service to sport and to people with a disability through contributions to the development and promotion of the paralympic community, particularly in the South Pacific."

Mr Clive James, a graduate of the University and recipient of an Honorary Doctorate of Letters in 1999.

"For distinguished service to literature through contributions to cultural and intellectual heritage, particularly as a writer and poet."

Mr Roderick Hamilton McGeoch, a graduate who has served as Co-Chairman, Australia New Zealand Leadership Forum, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, since 2008.

"For distinguished service to the community through contributions to a range of organisations, and to sport, particularly through leadership in securing the Sydney Olympic Games."

Professor Sally Redman, an Honorary Professor in the School of Public Health, at the University since 2003.

"For distinguished service to public health through leadership in the care of women with breast cancer, contributions to research and higher education and the promotion of relationships between researchers, policy makers and practitioners."

Dr Peter William Weiss, a graduate who has served as Life Patron and Benefactor of the Australian Chamber Orchestra, since 2005.

"For distinguished service to the arts, particularly orchestral music through philanthropic support and advisory roles."

Professor Helen Maria Zorbas, a graduate who has served as Chief Executive Officer, Cancer Australia, since 2010.

"For distinguished service to public health through leadership in the delivery of improved information and services to cancer patients and their families and contributions to research and clinical trials."

Member (AM) in the General Division of the Order of Australia

The Honourable John Joseph Aquilina, a graduate and former Member of Parliament.

"For significant service to the Parliament of New South Wales, and to the community."

Mr Howard Bamsey, an Adjunct Professor of Climate Change and Energy Security at the University's US Studies Centre.

"For significant service to public administration, particularly in the area of climate change and energy efficiency."

Emeritus Professor Gordon Alfred Barclay, a graduate who has been an Emeritus Professor, Macquarie University, since 1973.

"For significant service to tertiary education in New South Wales, particularly in the field of chemistry."

Emeritus Professor Allan Douglas Barton (deceased), who was an Honorary Professor of Accounting at the University, 2003-2011.

"For significant service to accounting and economics as an author, researcher, educator and mentor."

Dr Brian Michael Boettcher, a graduate who has served as forensic psychiatrist; and member of the Mental Health Review Tribunal, 1992-2004 and since 2005.

"For significant service to psychiatry as a clinician and educator."

Associate Professor Stuart Leigh Boland, who has been a University lecturer in Clinical Surgery since 1975 and also involved in registrar and resident training at a hospital level.

"For significant service to medicine through leadership roles in professional organisations, and as a surgeon and educator."

Dr Gavan John Butler, an Honorary Research Associate, Department of Political Economy at the University, since 2005; lecturer and senior lecturer, 1971-2004, joint founder of its Political Economy program and elected Member of the University Senate from 1998-2003.

"For significant service to economics and political science as an academic, researcher and educator."

Mr Ewen Graham Crouch, a graduate who served as adviser in a range of key transactions including the merger of St George Bank with Westpac Banking Corporation, and Wesfarmers $20 billion acquisition of the Coles Group.

"For significant service to the law as a contributor to legal professional organisations, and to the community through executive roles with Mission Australia."

Dr Marianne Josephine Dacy, a graduate and Founding Senior Archivist, Archive of Australian Judaica at the University's Fisher Library since 1983.

"For significant service to interfaith dialogue, and to the Congregation of Our Lady of Sion."

Mr John Robert Dunkley, a graduate who has made a life-long voluntary commitment to the exploration, science, conservation, management and interpretation of caves and karsts.

"For significant service to the exploration, science and conservation of caves and karsts."

Mr Michael John Dysart, a graduate who has served as Director, Michael Dysart and Partners (architects), since 1968.

"For significant service to architecture."

Mr Graeme David Fair, a graduate who has served as Councillor, representing South Australia, Tennis Australia, 1974-1991 and Senior Vice-President, 1987-1991.

"For significant service to the sport of tennis through a range of administrative and leadership roles, and to the community."

The Reverend Harry James Herbert a graduate who has served as Executive Director, Uniting Care NSW/ACT, since 1986.

"For significant service to the community through leadership and advocacy roles in the area of social justice and welfare."

Ms Mary Louise Herron, a graduate who has served as Chief Executive Officer, Sydney Opera House, since August 2012.

"For significant service to the performing arts through leadership and advisory roles."

Mr Michael Hintze, for his extensive contributions to the field of philanthropy. Mr Hintze is an alumnus and endowed the Chair of International Security at the University in 2006, as well as enabling construction of a new residential wing at St John's College.

"For significant service to the community through philanthropic contributions to organisations supporting the arts, health, and education."

Mr Kenneth Edward Johnson, a graduate who has served as Chief Executive, River Murray Commission, 1968-1987.

"For significant service to the development of water resources for irrigation and hydro-electricity as an engineer."

Mr Sandy Charles Longworth, President, Earth Resources Foundation at the University 1982-1984 and Councillor 1980-2009.

"For significant service to engineering through leadership and advisory roles in research, training and professional organisations."

Dr David Alistair Lonie, a graduate who has been a clinician, educator and mentor, particularly in the area of infant and child mental health, for over 40 years.

"For significant service to psychiatry, particularly in the field of infant and adolescent mental health."

Associate Professor Jenó Emil Marosszeky, Honorary Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine at the University and Director of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Westmead Hospital, since 1979.

"For significant service to rehabilitation medicine, and through contributions to people with arthritis."

Professor Jonathan Mark Morris, Associate Dean, Sydney Medical School at the University and Head and Chair, Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Neonatalogy, since 2008.

"For significant service to maternal and infant health as a clinician, educator, patient advocate and researcher."

Ms Linda Jane O'Brien, a graduate who has served as principal, Granville Boys High School, since 2008.

"For significant service to secondary education through leadership and innovative
practices, and to the community."

Ms Mary Ann O'Loughlin, a graduate who has served as Executive Councillor and Head of Secretariat, Coalition of Australian Government Reform Council, since 2009.

"For significant service to public administration through the development of social
policies, the reform of federal financial relations and government services."

Professor Paul Murray Redmond, a graduate who has served as the Inaugural Sir Gerard Brennan Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Technology Sydney since 2006 and founded the Brennan Justice and Leadership Program.

"For significant service to the law through contributions to legal education and
professional bodies, and to the community."

Professor David Owen Sillence, Foundation Head, Discipline of Genetic Medicine at the University since 2005.

"For significant service to medicine in the field of clinical genetics."

Professor Roger Smith, a graduate who has served as Professor of Endocrinology, University of Newcastle, Faculty of Medicine, since 1981.

"For significant service to medical research and development in the Hunter region and in the field of maternal health."

Mr Mark Tedeschi QC, a graduate who has served as Senior Crown Prosecutor for New South Wales, since 1997.

"For significant service to the law as a prosecutor, and to photography."

Mr Kenneth Irving Turner, Associate Professor, Department of Government and Public Administration at the University (retired 1988), Head of Department for almost 10 years during the 1970s and 1980s and lecturer, from the late 1950s to 1988. Awarded Doctor of Letters (honoris causa) at the University in 2008.

"For significant service to tertiary education, particularly in the political history of New South Wales."

Mr Kenneth Hudson Youdale DFC, a graduate who was instrumental in negotiating a financial agreement with Diageo plc (company that distributed the drug thalidomide in Australia) on behalf of thalidomide victims, 2008-2009.

"For significant service to the community, particularly as an advocate for people
affected by thalidomide."

Medal (OAM) of the Order of Australia in the General Division

Mrs Pamela Clare Archer, an alumni affiliate and Musical Director and Founder, Silver Tones choir, University of the 3rd Age, Taree Branch, since 2009.

"For service to music, and to the community of Taree."

Clinical Professor Graeme Leslie Beardmore, a graduate and Visiting Dermatologist, Queensland Institute of Dermatology.

"For service to medicine in the field of dermatology."

Mr Colin McIntyre Brown, a graduate and Principal, Yanco Agricultural High School (YAHS), Yanco, 2002-2009.

"For service to the community of the Riverina, particularly as an educator."

The Reverend Father Ignatius Tyson Doneley, a graduate who was ordained as a Catholic Priest in 1946 and has held a variety of roles since that time.

"For service to the community through Catholic education organisations."

Mr Patrick Joseph Donnellan, a graduate who served as co-chairman, Church Building Committee, St John the Baptist Catholic Parish, 1999-2007.

"For service to the community of Gosford."

Dr Robert Gerner, a graduate who has lectured extensively in the field of architecture and urban design.

"For service to architectural education, particularly in the field of urban design."

Mr Graham Henry Felton, Patron, Ageing and Alzheimer's Research Foundation at the University since 2007 and major fundraiser for the Foundation since 2004.

"For service to the community through aged care organisations."

Dr Anthony Douglas Jordan, a graduate who founded winemaking consulting company, Oenotec Pty Ltd in 2008.

"For service to the Australian wine industry as a wine maker, administrator and judge."

Mr George Klein, a teacher in the Graduate Medical Program at the University and also teaches in the Tobacco Dependence and Treatment Program at the University's Brain and Mind Research Institute NSW.

"For service to community health through drug and alcohol related programs."

Mrs Pamela Mendels, a graduate and presenter and producer, South Australian Jewish Community Radio Program (5EBI FM) since 1980.

"For service to the community as a volunteer with Jewish organisations."

Dr Geoffrey Vernon Mutton, a graduate and orthopaedic surgeon, Orange Base Hospital, since 1975

"For service to medicine in the field of orthopaedic surgery."

Mr Anthony Philip Oxley, a graduate and co-founder of the Roslyn Oxley (Art) Gallery in Paddington, 1982.

"For service to the visual arts, and to the community."

Mr William Anthony (Bill) Phippen, a graduate and President, TAD Disabilty Services NSW (TAD NSW), since 1997.

"For service to people with disability, and to the community."

Mr Barry Thomas Ryan, a graduate from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

"For service to the performing arts, particularly opera."

Mr Paul Andrew Salisbury, a graduate who was a member of a group of Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade staff members who travelled to Sendai, Japan, to assist with locating over 100 Australian citizens during the March 2011 earthquakes and tsunami.

"For service to the international community following the earthquakes and tsunami which occurred in Japan in 2011."

Dr John Charles Schwarz, a graduate who co-founded the African AIDS Foundation, 2001 and has served as its chairman, since 2001.

"For service to international relations, particularly through the African AIDS Foundation."

Dr Anthony Rodham Wilson, a graduate who founded the Tumut Family Medical Centre and has served as a GP there since 2003.

"For service to medicine, and to the community of Tumut."

Public Service Medal

Mr David John Mason, a graduate who was awarded for his extensive knowledge of human rights legislation and policies, both here and overseas, and providing expert comment for the Australian Human Rights Commission's broader legislative-policy activities.

"For outstanding public service in developing policy and pursuing strategic goals in relation to non-discrimination and broader human rights agendas."

Bar to the Conspicuous Service Cross (CSC and Bar)

Group Captain Christopher Thomas Hahhan, a graduate who was commended for his service to the Royal Australian Air Force.

"For outstanding devotion to duty to the Australian Defence Force as a Legal Officer in the Royal Australian Air Force."

Australian Police Medal (APM)

Inspector Stephen John Henkel, a graduate who has served the community of NSW with distinction after joining the NSW Police Force in 1972 at Criminal Investigation Branch (Central Warrant Index).

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