Fulbright Roadshow at the University of Sydney

24 April 2013

Ever wondered what it takes to be a Fulbright Scholar? On 29 April you will be able to find out when the Fulbright Roadshow rolls into the University of Sydney.

At the presentation prospective scholars will hear from the Fulbright Association about the program, applications and assessment, as well hearing from the scholarship and Alumni association about support and benefits of the Fulbrights.

Presenting the event will be Director of Student Services Jordi Austin, and several alumni of the program will share their experiences as well as the opportunities that have followed.

Afterwards there will be a public lecture in association with Sydney Ideas on 'The Birth of Modern Lobbying' by Fulbright Flinders University Distinguished Chair in American Political Science, Professor Burdett A Loomis.

Each year the Australian-American Fulbright Commission awards up to 25 scholarships to Australians to undertake study in the United States for an eight to 12-month period.

The experience is known to be transformative, bringing new insights and opportunities.

All current honours and masters students as well as prospective and current PhD students, postdoctoral fellows and professional staff are invited to attend this event to discover the rich opportunities opened by studying in the US under the scheme.

There are many types of scholarships, including a NSW State based award, a not-for-profit award and the Anne Wexler public policy award.

Sydney Ideas event: a Fulbright 2013 Public Lecture presented in association with the Australian-American Fulbright Commission

Corporate lobbying groups that aim to influence government decision-making have been growing in number over the past 20 years, both in Australia and United States.

In his role this year as the Flinders Fulbright Distinguished Chair Professor Burdett A Loomis, from the University of Kansas, has been researching the scope and nature of the Australian lobbying industry.

In this special public lecture, Professor Loomis, the Fulbright Flinders Distinguished Chair for 2012, will discuss the birth of modern lobbying in the United States, while at the same time touching on the similarities within the Australian system.

In the US, a separation-of-powers structure, a disproportionate Senate, and a powerful supreme court, have made it difficult for American presidents to enact their policy agendas, or to respond quickly to major policy problems.

Professor Loomis said: "President Barack Obama has attacked the Washington lobbyists, seeking to place limitations on their interactions with government and their recruitment to it.

"Still, even in the United States, where this growth first emerged and has developed in the most sophisticated ways, we do not completely understand the scope of lobbying, to say nothing of its manifestations and impacts."

In this lecture he will trace the beginnings of the lobbying system in the United States, emphasising how the framers created a state that embraced the politics of interests, largely giving them free rein, within a system that often worked to their benefit.

"When the framers crafted the US Constitution in 1787, and subsequently drew up the first 10 amendments in the ratification process," he said, "they created a political system that included many avenues for influencing policies, and also produced first-amendment guarantees (speech, petition, association) that strongly protected lobbying."

Professor Burdett A Loomis, from the Department of Political Science at the University of Kansas, and has published widely in the area of American politics. His books include The US Senate: from deliberation to dysfunction (ed, 2011); Guide to interest groups and lobbying (2011); and Republic on trial: the case for representative democracy (co-author, 2002).

Event details

What: Fulbright Roadshow: an information session for prospective applicants

When: 3 to 4pm, Monday 29 April

Where: Foyer, New Law Building, Camperdown Campus

Cost: Free

Sydney Ideas event details

What: The birth of modern lobbying: the Anglo-American experience from the late 1600s to 1800, a Sydney Ideas talk by Professor Burdett A Loomis

When: 6 to 7pm, Monday 29 April

Where: Foyer, New Law Building, Camperdown Campus

Cost: Free

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