Improving Australia's foreign aid to the world

14 May 2013

Four University of Sydney researchers have been awarded funding grants in the AusAID Development Research Awards Scheme (ADRAS), a project which supports Australian primary research to improve the quality and effectiveness of Australian aid in developing countries.

The latest round awarded 50 grants to 31 Australian and international institutions totaling $32.9 million, including organisations from Samoa, South Africa, Malawi, Thailand, India, the UK and USA.

The successful University of Sydney research projects are:

Overcoming exclusion of people with disability from disaster management in Indonesia

Region/Country of focus: Indonesia

Summary: The research addresses exclusion of people with disability from disaster risk reduction (DRR) policy. Through an action-oriented approach the research also aims to increase the participation of disabled people's organisations in disaster risk reduction.

Principal investigator: Professor Gwynnyth Llewellyn 

Duration: 2013-14

Total funds: $556,906

Human and environmental impacts of migratory pastoralism in arid/semi-arid East Africa

Region/Country of focus: Kenya, Ethiopia

Summary: The food security of migrant pastoralists on the arid and semi-arid rangelands of East Africa is critically affected by shocks like droughts and the state of vegetation resources for animal forage. This project aims to generate results on the feedbacks between migrant pastoralism and the environment.

Principal investigator: Associate Professor Russell Dean Toth 

Duration: 2013-14

Total funds: $694,226

Making justice work for women in northern Uganda, Kenya and Democratic Republic of Congo

Region/Country of focus: Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Kenya

Summary: This project investigates the efficacy of transitional justice for women considering the realities of women's lives in conflict and post-conflict contexts and their experiences of recurrent violence in northern Uganda, Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The research will identify women's priorities in the transitional justice context and the obstacles that prevent them from accessing justice and human rights.

Principal investigator: Dr Rita Laura Schackel 

Duration: 2013-14

Total funds: $580,941

The impact of scholarships on strengthening the health system in Africa

Region/Country of focus: Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique

Summary: This project will examine the outcomes of Australian scholarships for Africans including re-integration and development of networks of practice among returnees.

Principal investigator: Dr Joel Negin 

Duration: 2013-14

Total funds: $457,408

The researchers joined more than 50 grant recipients from around Australia and the world in Canberra this week to kick off the projects.

About ADRAS: All ADRAS research proposals have undergone a thorough review and selection process including external peer review. Since 2007, the scheme's competitive grants have supported 129 primary research projects and 17 systematic reviews of development research.

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