AIME visit helps to build Australia's future leaders

24 May 2013

Jack Manning Bancroft (bottom row, wearing white hat) with the latest AIME participants.
Jack Manning Bancroft (bottom row, wearing white hat) with the latest AIME participants.

Former NSW Young Australian of the Year, Jack Manning Bancroft, visited the University of Sydney on Wednesday to kick off the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME), a program which has proven to dramatically improve the chances of Indigenous children finishing school.

The University alumnus and founder/CEO of AIME said: "Our visit is an opportunity to profile the amazing work that the University is doing on the ground to see the day when Indigenous children finish school at the same rate as all Australian children.

"It's so good to see universities that are committed to making sure every child has the chance to shoot for the best possible education," he said.

"The University of Sydney is leading the way by ensuring our first Australians get the same opportunities as every Australian child. This is an outstanding thing; their leadership should be applauded."

The University of Sydney is where AIME began its journey in 2005. In 2012, the year 9 to 12 completion rate for AIME students was 71.2 percent - exceeding the national Indigenous average of 38 percent and approaching the national non-Indigenous average of 79.2 percent.

In 2013, AIME's on-ground program will engage over 2000 Indigenous high school students and 1000 university students across Australia. AIME plans to reach 10000 Indigenous students annually by 2016 and have them finishing school at the same rate as every Australian child.

Launch of the AIME Mentors 4 Life Program: AIME is now poised to share its model of mentoring with the wider community. On Wednesday, 8 May, Manning Bancroft was joined by Virgin founder, Sir Richard Branson, to launch the AIME Mentors 4 Life Program. The exciting new program will see AIME share its model of mentoring that has proven so successful for Indigenous youth across the country.

"We're so excited to share the magic formula that we've applied so successfully over the last nine years working with Indigenous kids, so that more people around Australia and the world are able to unlock the limitless potential that lies within them," said Manning Bancroft.

To become an AIME mentor at the University or find out more about the AIME Mentors 4 Life Program, visit

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