University of Sydney pledges $millions for student activities

15 August 2006

The University of Sydney is to make a major ongoing financial contribution to supportstudent services and activities following the introduction of voluntary student unionism.

The University will contribute more than $30m over the next three years to ensure the continued viability of the wide variety of student services and activities, making it the largest and most generous support provided by any university to its student groups.

The Student's Representative Council (SRC) will receive $1.1m next year to fund undergraduate services and activities and the Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association (SUPRA) will receive $630,000.

From 2010, the University will also provide $4m annually on an ongoing basis to student groups as they move towards financial viability.

"We have a long and proud history of student clubs and societies at the University of Sydney," said Vice-Chancellor, Professor Gavin Brown. "It has always been our priority to preserve and enhance the rich student experience enjoyed by our students, within the constraints imposed by a substantial loss of funding."

Under the new arrangements a number of the student organizations, the University of Sydney Union (USU), Sydney University Sport (SUS), Cumberland Student Guild (CSG) and the Student Association at the Sydney College of the Arts (SASCA) will become incorporated, not controlled entities of the University, and will provide cost effective and efficient services to students on behalf of the University.

The Student's Representative Council (SRC) and the Sydney University Postgraduates Representative Association (SUPRA) will continue as unincorporated associations with constitutions amended to ensure they are compliant with the VSU provisions.

"We recognise the importance of student representative organisations and the need to maintain valuable student services which they have traditionally provided," Professor Brown said. "We are determined that students at the University of Sydney have the opportunity to experience the full range of student activities as long as they are compatible with responsible financial management and good governance."

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