Raewyn Connell on Lynne Segal

14 September 2006

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Lynne Segal
Lynne Segal

Professor Raewyn Connell of the Faculty of Education and Social Work examined the philosophies of one of the most significant feminist thinkers in the English-speaking world today.

Lynne Segal is a public intellectual though not a 'media personality' the likes of her contemporaries Germaine Greer and Carol Gilligan. She analyses gender issues ranging from women's sexuality, to tensions in masculinity, to the dynamics of the women's movement itself, and brings great clarity to extremely complex issues. She was a pioneer of a distinctive kind of community activism, spending a decade of her life in radical grass-roots organizing. She is also a very skilful, though unorthodox, psychologist and she demonstrates the importance of psychological reasoning for understanding social problems. She has shown the situational production of emotion and has a rare talent for analysing the layers, tensions and creative possibilities in human interactions.

The RIHSS Key Thinkers Public Lecture Series explores the lives and works of figures who have changed the way we think about and view our world. Presented by local scholars with a particular expertise in a relevant field of study, lectures will place their subjects within their individual social and intellectual contexts and summarise the central issues of their work.

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