Gavin Brown and other harmonic analysts

21 February 2007

Leading overseas mathematicians will join their Australian counterparts at a special conference at the University of Sydney next month.

Organised by the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Sydney and the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute, the conference will bring together scholars who work in the field of harmonic analysis to consider the theme of Expansions, Inequalities and Approximations.

A central theme of the two day conference will be the link many of the scholars have with Vice-Chancellor, Professor Gavin Brown in his other life as a mathematician.

Despite his rigorous schedule as a Vice-Chancellor, at the University of Sydney since 1996, and before that at the University of Adelaide from 1994, Gavin Brown has maintained a prodigious output of collaborative research and publications. Author of more than 100 research papers, he continues active mathematical research and is on the board of several international journals.

Speakers at the conference, will include a number of his former research scholars and collaborators. Among them will be Bill Moran who worked with him on algebraic problems at the University of Liverpool, Feng Dai, a former PhD student now at the University of Alberta and Kun-Yang Wang from Beijing Normal University in China who has been collaborating with Gavin Brown since 1990.

During his time at UNSW, Professor Brown's mathematical research and, in particular, his work involving Fourier analysis, led to the award of the Sir Edmund Whittaker Memorial Prize and the Australian Mathematical Society Medal.

Conference Dates: Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th March
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