Kids in the quad

21 September 2007

Forty-five Glebe Public School children were selected to visit the campus and experience 'Uni-for-a-day' as part of the Faculty of Education and Social Work's community outreach program.

The program, established in April, aims to engage disadvantaged youth with university activities. Through liaison with Glebe childcare agencies and primary schools, the faculty hopes to support young people's education.

Program director, Ally De Pree-Raghavan, believes that by inviting children to the university, "they experience the campus in their own way and begin to see it as a distinct possibility for them".

The Year Five and Six students began the day by posing with mortarboards and academic gowns in the Quadrangle, emulating thousands of graduates before them. They had a chance to exercise their creativity with an arts workshop and were treated to a tour of the Nicholson Museum by Craig Barker.

Though this was the first 'Uni-in-a-day' event, De Pree-Raghavan says it was very successful.

"The kids really got involved in the puppetry and drama workshops, and they loved the barbecue lunch."

The Glebe Community Development Program was founded in 2004 as a collaboration between the Faculty of Education and Social Work and the NSW Department of Housing. The program links government bodies with community agencies to strengthen the local area and address issues of concern.

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