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1 July 2008

The University of Sydney is set to capitalise on the Rudd government's commitment to double the number of PhD scholarships by 2012 by launching an innovative new online resource aimed at attracting the best and brightest prospective students.

The new internet enquiry system called Research Supervisor Connect(RSC) works like a job search site for research candidates and is the first of its kind in use at an Australian University.

While RSC is an 'online' portal backed by an enquiry management system, its main advantage is that it gives prospective students the power to choose their 'ideal' research subject and puts them in direct contact with the most appropriate academics.

Carol Armour, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research), says: "The University places great importance on attracting the highest quality research students and we recognise that in today's increasingly competitive education market we need to find new and creative ways to get their attention. RSC is a major step forward in the way we market our research programs."

The Rudd Government has committed to increasing the number of Australian Postgraduate scholarships available from 4800 to 10,000 by 2012. The scholarships are currently worth $20,007 tax free.

Michaela James, Postgraduate Marketing Manager, says: "The main difference between this system and other student enquiry systems is that you can type in any subject of interest in to the RSC portal and you'll be given a list of supervisors with expertise in that particular area."

Michaela says: "This is a significant step forward in the way we market to prospective postgraduate students because it allows them to access all our research opportunities at one central location. RSC also allows us to raise the profile of some really interesting and quite specialised subject areas that have previously been somewhat hidden."

Mercedes Paulini is one example of a student who located her course of interest using RSC. "I was keen to do my PhD in the area of pervasive computing," said Mercedes. "So, I typed some key words into RSC and found my perfect match! I'm now completing a research project on collective intelligence in mobile computing."

More than 500 individual opportunities can be found on The Research Supervisor Connect site.

Contact: Michaela James

Phone: (02) 9351 7379; or 0402 000 691

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