Out of sight - the science of invisibility

6 April 2009

Invisibility has always been the stuff of science fiction - until now. Thanks to physics, researchers are a step closer to perfecting a real invisibility cloak, capable of hiding people and objects from plain view. But what secret ingredients do scientists need in order to make this fantasy a reality?

Hear all about how invisibility works at the Sydney Science Forum at at a free talk called 'Out of Sight: The Science of Invisibility' on 8 April, 2009. The sphere at the centre becomes invisible when wrapped in the larger sphere of metamaterial, which makes light rays (the black lines) appear undeviated from their original course as they emerge on the far side.

The will be presented by internationally renowned physicist, Professor Sir John Pendry, from Imperial College, London.

Sir John and his team rocked the science world with their prototype invisibility cloak, and now you have the chance to learn all about the amazing materials they are creating to bend light and make objects disappear.

In 2008, Professor Pendry's distinguished career as a scientist was celebrated at PendryFest, a UK event which paid homage to the extraordinary depth and breadth of Prof Pendry's contribution to physics over the past 40 years.

At the end of the talk, the audience will have the opportunity to ask Professor Pendry anything they like about the science of invisibility.

Professor Ben Eggleton, Director of the University of Sydney's new Institute for Photonics and Optical Science, which will be officially opened on 23 April 2009, will introduce Professor Pendry and host the audience question session.

The Sydney Science Forum is a free public lecture series that brings a selection of the University of Sydney's top scientists and researchers from elsewhere to discuss the latest in scientific research, ideas, possibilities and innovations to the Sydney community every year.

The Sydney Science Forum 'Out of Sight: The Science of Invisibility' presentation is on at:

Date: Wednesday 8 April 2009

Time: 5:30pm - 7.00pm

Location: Eastern Avenue Auditorium, The University of Sydney

Cost: Free

Bookings: This lecture has reached full capacity. Bookings are now closed.

Contact: Katynna Gill

Phone: 02 9351 6997

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