Australian Academy of Science fellowships

25 March 2011

Three University of Sydney academics were recognised as among Australia's leading scientists this week when they were admitted as Fellows into the prestigious Australian Academy of Science.

The trio, including the Dean of the Faculty of Science Professor Trevor Hambley, Professor Thomas Maschmeyer, and physicist, Professor Ross McPhedran, were acknowledged by their peers for their career achievements and their contribution to the advancement of the world's scientific knowledge.

They joined an elite group of 17 Australian scientists whose body of work covers a range of specialities including, nuclear fusion, quantitative genetics with applications in agriculture, sperm function, the ecology and evolution of microorganisms, and advances in wave science with applications in optical fibres and photonic crystals.

The Australian Academy of Science elects only a limited number of Fellows annually from among the nation's best scientific researchers.

The Academy's policies and procedures are developed to ensure that the new Fellows have made extremely significant and often seminal contributions to scientific knowledge in their fields of research.

Professor Trevor Hambley, School of Chemistry, was recognised for his distinguished work in bioinorganic chemistry, crystallography and molecular mechanics, including multidisciplinary research on metal anti-cancer drugs.

Professor Thomas Maschmeyer, also from the School of Chemistry, was selected for his work on materials and catalysis with applications in pharmaceuticals, process intensification and biofuels.

Wave science earned Professor Ross McPhedran his position as an Academy fellow. Professor McPhedran's work has led to improved performance in micro structured optical fibres, diffraction gratings and photonic crystals.

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