Sydney Science Forum: Dr Karl's Brain Food

16 May 2012

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki is the University of Sydney's Julius Sumner Miller Fellow.
Dr Karl Kruszelnicki is the University of Sydney's Julius Sumner Miller Fellow.

Discover why 90 percent of the cells in your body aren't your own, learn what the speed of death is and find out how the Apple logo got its bite, when Dr Karl Kruszelnicki presents his Sydney Science Forum today at the University of Sydney.

Australia's favourite 'science guy', Dr Karl, is the Julius Sumner Miller Fellow in the School of Physics at the University. He will present his latest swag of super science stories and reveal what his favourite Brain Food is.

Get the lowdown from Dr Karl on The Mayan Conspiracy - the story that the Mayan calendar supposedly ends in 2012. Find out how to use pi to pay your restaurant bill. Learn more about why 10 of the last 14 years have been the hottest on record.

Who made Stuxnet, the computer virus discovered in June 2010 that killed the Iranian nuclear computers? Was it an inside job in Iran, was it the US, was it Israel or someone totally different?

Find out more about Asteroid 18412 Kruszelnicki, which was named in honour of Dr Karl earlier this year. The asteroid was discovered at the Siding Spring Observatory in Coonabarabran, NSW, in 1993 and is a main-belt minor planet in our solar system that takes five years to orbit our sun.

Dr Karl's latest book is also called Brain Food and it debunks foodie fads, shines a light on how our body works, unearths some enormous nosh, and puts Dr Karl's palate on the line - all in the name of nourishing entertainment.

At the end of the talk, you'll have the opportunity to ask Dr Karl those burning science questions that you've been pondering for years.

Event details

What: Sydney Science Forum: Dr Karl's Brain Food 

When: 5.45 to 6.45pm, Wednesday 16 May

Where: Eastern Avenue Auditorium, Camperdown Campus. See map 

Cost: Free

Bookings essential 

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