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Dark history given fresh vitality in University Art Gallery exhibition    View Summary
25 June 2015
Long-forgotten anthropological material on convicts and Indigenous peoples has been revitalised in a new photographic exhibition at the University of Sydney Art Gallery.
Caution not a by-word for inaction on Indigenous affairs   View Summary
22 June 2015
It's time to support a proposal for constitutional recognition that shifts the focus from courts and lawyers to Indigenous Australians themselves, writes Professor Anne Twomey.
Indigenous Education Fellowships seek out social changemakers   View Summary
11 June 2015
We're accepting applications for two newly created Indigenous Education Fellowships until July 1.
Putting words to the tune of Indigenous constitutional recognition   View Summary
29 May 2015
The debate about Indigenous constitutional recognition has become more intense in recent weeks. It has taken an interesting turn with Noel Pearson and the Cape York Institute proposing an alternative approach that involves amending the Constitution to create an Indigenous representative body. Under the plan, the Indigenous representative body's key role would be to consult and provide advice on proposed laws that affect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
Closing the gap: new national Poche Indigenous Health Network    View Summary
27 May 2015
The Director of the University of Sydney's Poche Centre for Indigenous Health, Kylie Gwynne, has welcomed today's launch of the new national Poche Indigenous Health Network in Canberra.
Recognition - our journey's next big step   View Summary
27 May 2015
Triumphs and tragedies shape us. Almost 50 years ago Australians triumphed changing the Australian Constitution for the better at referendum
Free Public Forum on Preserving Minority Languages   View Summary
19 May 2015
The preservation of many of the world's most endangered languages - including more than 100 from Australia - will be the focus of a free public forum at the University of Sydney next Monday.
BLAKOUT presents a new wave of Indigenous video art at SCA   View Summary
15 May 2015
A new generation of Indigenous video artists is breaking away from painting, which has dominated Indigenous contemporary art for the last 30 years. The artists are now using the screen in a powerful new way to connect with contemporary Indigenous issues confronting urban communities in Australia today.
Fixing the hole in the heart of Australia    View Summary
17 March 2015
The prime minister's recent assertion that the government cannot afford to fund the "lifestyle choices" of remotely based Aboriginal people is an opportunity to increase the debate about the future of outback Australia.
University of Sydney Freedom Ride re-enactment finishes with a bang   View Summary
9 March 2015
After 1840 kilometres and more than 30 hours on two buses through five towns in regional NSW, the re-enactment of the 1965 Freedom Ride will come to an end with a free celebration event on Friday 20 March.
Sights set on improving indigenous health through biomedical engineering   View Summary
27 February 2015
An exceptional final high school year has secured young Sophee Savage, from Townsville a scholarship to study at the University of Sydney.
University celebrates the contribution of women leaders   View Summary
2 November 2014
Eight exceptional women including a high court judge, an award winning film director, an indigenous leader and a sex discrimination commissioner were recognised at an honorary award ceremony in the University of Sydney on Saturday, 1 November.
South Sydney school students turn filmmakers at University of Sydney   View Summary
28 October 2014
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from three South Sydney high schools can now officially call themselves filmmakers after producing, directing and starring in a series of videos for the University's Framing Health project.
Forum sets course for a brighter tomorrow   View Summary
14 October 2014
More than 120 participants from all around Australia took part in the University of Sydney's Making Tomorrow Forum on Friday 10 October.
Why China Can't Innovate   View Summary
19 August 2014
There are plenty of differences between the Xi Jinping and Hu Jintao administrations, but if there is one policy area where they are absolutely in concord, it is the worship of an abstract notion of innovation as the solution to almost all of the country's great challenges. For the last decade, Hu Jintao's concept of "scientific development" has served as the seminal statement on innovation. Under Hu, this idea was backed up by steep increases in research and development spending, more resources and efforts devoted to the education sector, and support for enterprises (state-owned and private) that were in the priority areas of information technology, high-tech manufacturing, and computers. This sector even got its own 15 year plan beginning in 2006, a major statement of where the country was heading in terms of developing its own indigenous world class capacity.
New Kinship Module to Enhance Students' Cultural Competence   View Summary
30 July 2014
The traditional social structures and interrelationships between Australia's Aboriginal people are explained on a comprehensive yet succinct website being launched at The University of Sydney today.
Treating gum disease improves vascular health in Indigenous Australians   View Summary
26 June 2014
A simple non-surgical gum disease treatment markedly reduces the thickness of the wall of the arteries, a risk factor for heart disease, according to a first of its kind study among Aboriginal Australians.
New study aims to bust myths about Indigenous sports stars   View Summary
16 June 2014
A Sherrin AFL ball.A University of Sydney study aims to bust common myths about the remarkable achievements of Indigenous Australians in sport.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander school students explore uni life   View Summary
29 May 2014
More than 280 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from 61 schools experienced a day in the life of a University of Sydney student.
Vivid Path to the Future lights up the University of Sydney   View Summary
23 May 2014
As Vivid Sydney gets set to transform the city and its harbour into a colourful canvas of light, music and ideas, the University of Sydney - Australia's oldest university - is joining the festival for the first time.
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