Surveillance and/in Everyday Life Conference

20 February 2012

The University of Sydney's Surveillance and Everyday Life Research Group is hosting a two-day international conference entitled, Surveillance and/in Everyday Life: Monitoring Pasts, Presents and Futures. The event, to be held in The University of Sydney's state of the art Law School Building, will bring together key international scholars, policy makers, practitioners, artists and social commentators to discuss the social, cultural, historical, political, legal, economic and technical dimensions of surveillance. Few topics have greater contemporary public relevance and social significance than the increased monitoring and visibility of everyday living and the emergent surveillance capacities of new information communication technologies and organizational practices.

Time: 9am-5pm

Location: Sydney Law School, Building F10, Eastern Avenue, The University of Sydney, Australia

Cost: Full fee: $220 (inc. GST), F/T student: $50 (inc. GST)

Contact: Events Co-ordinator

Phone: 9351 0248

Email: 2a59024417110c241c2977233f0219343f011c2234493b2014

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