Urban and Regional Planning and Urban Design Hosts Latin America Planners and Architects

21 March 2013

The Urban and Regional Planning discipline including Urban Design hosted a delegation of 10 planners and architects from South America on the afternoon and evening of Tuesday 12 March, 2013. Coordinated by the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA), the visit to the Faculty by a team of renowned Argentine and Uruguayan planners, architects, policy makers and academics was funded by the Council on Australia Latin America Relations (an agency of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) so as to strengthen Australias economic, political and social relations with Latin America.

Led by the Chair of Urban and Regional Planning Program, Professor Peter Phibbs, the meeting exchanged knowledge on diverse urban planning experiences in both Sydney and NSW, as well as in Argentina. Discussion focused on current approaches to planning and design education, including the interface between design and planning curricula. The meeting forged professional and institutional ties including potential collaboration on a joint field trip in the planning and design of a slum settlement upgrading.

The delegation included internationally recognised architects and planners, such as Alfredo Garay (Professor of Urban Planning, Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires), Federico Bervejillo (Chair of Urbanism, Environment and Landscape ORT University), Flavio Janches (Director, PlaySpace Foundation, and Profesor, Urban Design, Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires), and Celina Caparossi (Professor of Architecture, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba).

The delegation will visit Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra over a 2 plus week period in March including participation in the annual PIA conference in Canberra during the 24 and 27 March, 2013.

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